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25 Exasperating Examples of Mansplaining - Stay at Home Mum

25 Exasperating Examples of Mansplaining

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25 Exasperating Examples of Mansplaining

Mansplaining is so annoying! And it seems Dads are the most notorious offenders!

Our definition of Mansplaining is:

Process of men converting insecurity and social anxiety into tedious but essentially harmless hot air.

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Here are 25 Exasperating Examples of Mansplaining:

Mansplaining A Teacher of Biochemistry

“I have a degree in Biochemistry and I invented and published a new method for measuring lifespan in these cells I work with. While setting up to run a tutorial session on how to do it, one of the male students started to ‘Correct me’ and explain how to use the method.

Which I invented.

And was literally there to teach him.”

Via Reddit

mansplaining | Stay at Home Mum.com.au
Exasperating Examples of Mansplaining

Mansplaining To a MMA Teacher

“A while back, I was teaching some techniques and speed training type stuff at an MMA gym. In walks this new member who interrupts my personal training session with a woman to explain to both of us how to properly do this particular move because he is has been training for over two years already.

The owner came over and introduce me as the trainer he was assigned. He also happened to mention my 10+ years of experience. That was nice.”

Mansplaining Via Sand_Dargon

Then His Wife Took Him to the Cleaners LOL

“I’m an attorney, and I practised family law for a while. I had a male client who not only mansplained his cheating on his wife, he also wanted to explain to me how family law (particularly, child support and spousal support, of course) work in my state. And he was dead wrong. And I told him so and showed him the relevant statutes. And he got pissy and asked for his retainer back because clearly I didn’t know what I was doing.

So I showed him in our contract where he signed acknowledging his understanding that the retainer was non-refundable. He then wanted to explain to me why that wasn’t legal. So I told him to get out of my office and find another attorney to sue me for the retainer if he wanted it back. Never heard from that guy again. His ex-wife’s attorney totally took him to the cleaner’s, and I loled.”

Mansplaining Via Proximateprose

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Women Can’t Drive a Manual Vehicle

“I once drove a manual transmission car to a local car lot in order to test drive some small SUV models. When I asked to drive a manual, the salesman laughed and told me I wouldn’t be able to drive it because women don’t drive stick shifts.

Even after seeing the car I had driven up in, he could not wrap his mind around a female driving stick. He kept explaining to me that it just wasn’t possible, and giving mansplainations for why he felt I wouldn’t be capable of driving a manual.”

He Doesn’t Even Have a Vagina!

“My daughter had to pee and was grabbing at her crotch and doing the potty dance. My boyfriend asked why she kept grabbing her crotch because “it’s not like that helps you hold it” and I said “actually it does, if I put pressure down there when I really have to pee it can keep me from wetting my pants. (Not that that’s happened often.)

He argued with me that I was wrong and that’s not how vaginas work. He doesn’t even have one! And no he isn’t a doctor. Honestly, he’s a great guy but I couldn’t fucking believe it.”

Mansplaining Via Halfwaythere88

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“I was once shown in great detail how to tape a cardboard box together. I was an aerospace manufacturing engineer at the time.”

Via Mango_Stardust


Once my dad wanted to explain to me how to use the glue stick.

“Look, you need to use the glue stick here, but don’t worry it is easy to operate, just rotate it and you got the glue”.

I Built It

“A guy admiring a piece of furniture in my home proceeded to explain to me how it was put together after I told him I built it.”

Mansplaining Via MuppetManiac

I’m An Environmental Science Major

“A coworker trying to explain to me how carbon dioxide causes global warming, after I told him I was an environmental science major.”

Via Recyclops

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Head of Department

“I recently got promoted to head of my department. I had a guy try and mansplain my old job to me during his interview. Bro I did the job for almost 10 years and did it so well they put me in charge.”

Via Mugglebitch

More Dadsplaining

“When my dad was showing me how to change the air filter in my car. He put the cap on upside down when he was done and I said “dad, that’s on wrong” and he proceeded to explain how he’d been working on cars since before I was born and he actually got pretty mad at me because he thought I was being an ungrateful smartass … then he tried to close the hood and it wouldn’t close … because the air filter cap was on upside down (which made it stick up too far for the hood to close).”

You Just Drank Too Much Water Before Bed

“I told my boyfriend that I slept really poorly because I have a UTI and was constantly waking up in pain or needing to pee.

When I told my boyfriend this he said “I really don’t think that you have a UTI. I haven’t actually had a UTI, but my doctor told me one time that I had similar symptoms. I think you just drank too much water before bed.”

He knows that I have had maybe 5 UTIs in the last year.”

1 ZCk05vpP97q SsNvlUXi5Q | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

He Told Me How to Groom My Lady Garden

“I once had a boyfriend go into great detail about the different ways women groom/wax their lady parts. He even explained (or I should say misexplained) what Brazilian waxing was, despite the fact that I had mentioned it and had gotten it done several times before. I had to correct him. Like thank you Sir.. I’m pretty sure I know how to groom my own vagina!”

Via Lalalinseyy

Explained After I Taught Him…

“Guy explained part of my PhD topic to me after he attended my talk on exact aspect of said topic, asked if I’d ever considered it. Uh, yes.”

Via Twitter

He Mansplained Me On My Name

“My name. A colleague literally told me I had spelt my own name wrong.”

Mansplaining Via Twitter

4487118 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Birth Is No More Painful Than Pooping

“A man (a paramedic) told me not to worry about giving birth because it was no different or painful than pooping.”

Via Twitter


“Husband told me the correct place to sign a contract. He’s not a lawyer. I am. With a degree from Harvard Law.”

Mansplaining Via Bored Panda

Childbirth Apparently Doesn’t Hurt As Much As Being Kicked in the Balls

“Menstrual pain is psychosomatic, and childbirth doesn’t hurt as much as being kicked in the balls.”

Via Bored Panda

yo dawg i heard you like mansplaining so i mansplained what mansplaining is so you can read about ma | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

Article Quote

“Someone argued an article I wrote was wrong by quoting an expert source. The expert source? Another article I wrote. Same byline.”

Via Bored Panda

Even More Dad-Splaining

“My own father on how menstruation isn’t that painful or that big of a deal.”

Via Bored Panda

Even More Husband-Splaining

“My husband mansplained breastfeeding benefits to me and his mother – who breastfed him.”

Mansplaining Via Bored Panda


“A date told me how to pronounce ganache. They were wrong. I own a chocolate store.”

Via Bored Panda

Getting Mansplained About the Publishing Industry

“A guy who has never published a book mansplained the publishing industry to me. I’ve had 25 books published.”

Mansplaining Via Bored Panda

A Speculum

“Doing a pre-abortion education clinic with a group of patients and a (male) med student observer. I picked up the speculum. All the patients groaned or rolled their eyes.

Male med student: ‘You can’t feel one of those when it’s inserted.


Me: How would you know?

Patients applauded.”

Via Bored Panda

Got another great example of mansplaining? Send it to us so we can include it here!

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