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Make Gift Wrapping and Kids' Crafts Easy! Here's How:

Make Gift Wrapping and Kids’ Crafts Easy! Here’s How:

10 min read
Make Gift Wrapping and Kids’ Crafts Easy! Here’s How:

I absolutely hate having to gift wrap. When I’m wrapping gifts or doing arts and crafts with my kids, I’m sitting on the floor of my walk-in robe, with little pieces of sticky tape I cut with my teeth stuck on my gym pants. It isn’t a pretty sight.

And because I have boys, who like to make stuff, I really need to add a LOT of tape to ensure no roving hands will find their way to ruin the art and gifts. The problem with normal sticky tape is that:

A) I can never find the end of the tape. Where does the end of the tape go? It’s a mystery – like the socks in the washing machine.

B) I cut the tape with my teeth. My teeth that my parents spent over $10K on. Not good.

C) Every time I’ve cut a heap of little pieces, I lose the end of the tape AGAIN. On repeat.

So when Sellotape sent me their new Sellotape Safety Dispenser, I thought – hmmm okay. It’s sticky tape in a fancy dispenser. Woopy Doo (being sarcastic). Well, I take that back because this stuff is the shizz!!!

Sellotape Safety Dispenser I Stay at Home Mum

So What’s So Good About the Sellotape Safety Dispenser?

The Sellotape’s Large Safety Desktop Dispenser has a safe and concealed built-in blade. You can ensure no accidental cuts. Great for kids with their upcoming arts and crafts classes! Plus, the suctioned base increases the stability of the dispenser.

But even though it was made for kids to prevent them from hurting themselves, I love it because I can wrap my gifts with one hand with this baby. You pull the tape like a normal dispenser, then when you have the desired length, you pull the tape ‘down’ and it cuts automatically! Now what mother doesn’t need a second hand whilst they are busy wrapping gifts???

So it’s safe for kids with no exposed blade – and even better for Mums to use!

How does Sellotape Safety Dispenser work?

Sellotape‘s Large Safety Desktop Dispenser is designed to dispense tape while keeping the blade away from the user’s fingers. The dispenser has a serrated blade that cuts cleanly and accurately. There is also a guard that covers the blade when not in use. The dispenser is easy to use and refill.

The biggest advantage of Sellotape

  1. The Sellotape Large Safety Desktop Dispenser is a device used to dispense sellotape safely and easily.
  2. The main advantage of the Sellotape Large Safety Desktop Dispenser is that it can help prevent accidents when using it. The dispenser can be attached to a table or countertop, and it has a guard that helps to prevent the blade from coming into contact with fingers.

Tape crafts kids will love by using Sellotape Safety Dispenser

Are you looking for fun activities to keep your kids entertained? Crafting with tape is a great way to unleash their creativity and develop fine motor skills. With various colours, designs, and textures available in the market, there are countless ways of using different kinds of tapes to craft exciting projects. Here’s a list of seven creative tape crafts that will be sure to keep you and your kids occupied for hours.

Washi Tape Wall Art

Washi tape is perfect for creating small art pieces and displaying them on the wall. Get your child to create shapes, patterns, or small stories with this paper-based adhesive tape in vibrant colours and prints. To make the art pop out from the wall, you could use 3D washi tapes with raised surfaces that your child can further decorate with glitter dust or rhinestones.

Customized Vases

Got some old vases lying around? Let your kid customize them with colourful duct tape in geometric or floral patterns. This is an excellent way of transforming boring glassware into unique decorative pieces that are perfect for gifting too. You can take it up a notch by cutting out shapes like stars and hearts on duct tape before sticking them onto the vases.

Clothespin Crafts

Clothespins form great canvasses when making crafts with tape. Your kid can cover them with patterned washi tapes and create fun characters like animals or people. They can also add googly eyes, pom-poms, buttons, etc., as embellishments for added zing.

Taped Coasters

Use colourful duct tape and plain white coasters to create pretty home décor items that are so easy to make! Your child needs to cut out square shapes from various duct tape sheets according to the size needed – this works well if you’re working with plain coasters. Still, for detailed ones (like those having intricate patterns), you may have to stick just one strip of duct tape near its base instead so as not to cover up any design elements already present on it.

Picture Frames

Let your little artist replace glass frames with taped ones! Have him select images he wants framing, then let him choose coloured duct/masking/painter’s tapes and stick them on plain cardboard cutouts in whichever manner he wishes – either covering up most of its surface completely or leaving little gaps between strips while layering them one over another – then get him to attach his chosen images onto these taped frames.

Message Wood Blocks

Cut wooden blocks into desired sizes, then let your kid decorate each block individually using different strips/sheets of washi tape in his favorite hues – then arrange all these blocks together in any order as he wishes; this makes for beautiful wall hangings that scream out personalized messages such as ‘Love’ or ‘Dream Big’ etc. when hung together.

Lamps and Lanterns

Transform ordinary lamps into something extraordinary by getting your child to wrap colourful masking/duct/painter’s tapes around its body – once done decorating it up properly he can switch off the lights inside these lamps and lanterns during the night time and watch his taped creations glow like luminous creatures under the moonlight.

Crafting projects involving tapes are fun yet inexpensive ways of letting kids explore their imagination while also teaching them how materials can be put together harmoniously to make something special – so make sure you give enough opportunities through such projects where they can creatively express themselves while also developing cognitive skills at the same time!

Sellotape Safety Dispenser I Stay at Home Mum

Homemade gifts kids can make by using Sellotape Safety Dispenser

When it comes to homemade gifts, there’s no limit to the wonders of creation that kids can come up with. And with a few simple tools and supplies, like tape, they can craft something extraordinary and meaningful for someone they love. So here are seven great ideas for beautiful homemade gifts your kids can make using nothing but tape.

Tape Art

Showcasing their stunning artwork is a great way to make a personalized gift showing appreciation long after the special occasion ends. Using painter’s or masking tape, have them create their design on paper or wood boards, paint over it and then pull up the tape to reveal a unique piece of art.

Picture Frames

With just a few supplies, like wooden dowel rods and colourful washi tapes, your child can quickly transform an ordinary picture frame into something unique. Have them cut out shapes from the washi tape and arrange them in any pattern they desire – stripes, chevrons, or polka dots – then let them glue down their masterpiece onto the frame for a stunningly customized gift.

Gift Bags

Why not use decorative duct tape when wrapping those extra-special presents or treats? There are so many great designs available these days – from florals to polka dots – that you can use to help personalize any gift bag or box. Don’t forget to add an extra flair with ribbon or tissue paper!

BOX TAPE | Stay at Home Mum.com.au


Is there someone special in your child’s life who loves collecting key chains? Help them create one that shows off their personality by using tape. First, have them choose a few different colours of duct tape and cut out shapes for each side of the keychain (hearts, stars, diamonds…). Then let them stack each piece onto the keyring until it looks perfect – secure it with clear adhesive spray.


Bring back those days of old-fashioned bookmark-making by having your little ones decorate some blank cardstock with colourful tape. They can even add glitter if they want an extra sparkly finish. Once everything is dry, simply hole punch at the top and add some yarn for an easy yet thoughtful handmade gift that everyone loves receiving (even adults!).

Decorative Bottles

Does your child know someone who loves displaying pretty bottles around their home? Give them an unforgettable present this year by having your little one decorate a glass bottle using coloured tapes in any pattern they please – think zigzags, swirls, or abstract designs – then fill it up with seasonal flowers or plants for added charm.

Storage Boxes

Everyone needs someplace to put all their knick-knacks away, but not all storage boxes have to look plain and boring! Encourage your child’s creativity by having them cover plain cardboard boxes in washi tapes in various patterns or designs – anything from chevron stripes to polka dots would be perfect – and present these chic-looking boxes as gifts any season.

That’s why the Sellotape Large Safety Desktop Dispenser is such a handy tool!

It features a concealed built-in blade to prevent accidental cuts and a suctioned base for added stability. It can cut tape in a straight and accurate line, making your crafting process much faster and easier.

Plus, it comes with two cores- one for 1 inch/25 mm core tapes and one for 3 inch/76 mm core tapes- so you can use it with any tape.

Great for:

  • Paper tape
  • Adhesive tape
  • Masking tape
  • Double-sided tape
  • Washi tape

The dispenser is not ideal for heavy, thick, and industrial tape. So if you need to use a stronger tape than essential supply tapes, you will need to find another dispenser.

The blade of the Sellotape Safety Dispenser is hidden so you won’t get cut. Another advantage of the Sellotape Safety Dispenser is its slip-proof and suction cups at the bottom so it won’t fall off. This is useful if you use the tape dispenser with one hand when your other is busy.

Testing the Sellotape Safety Dispenser

The Sellotape Large Safety Desktop Dispenser is an excellent product for anyone who wants to dispense tape quickly and safely. The dispenser is sturdy and works well, you don’t have to push hard to make it work. It’s also lightweight and perfect for desks.

The dispenser is ideal for office work and even for kids. It smoothly cuts the tape and is easy to use.

One thing to note about the Sellotape Large Safety Desktop Dispenser is that it may not be as durable as traditional sellotape dispensers. The plastic housing of the dispenser may break if it is dropped or mishandled. Overall, the Sellotape Large Safety Desktop Dispenser is a great product I highly recommend.

If you want something smaller, lighter and more affordable, the Safety Dispenser has a mini version!

960827 Sellotape Mini SafetyTape Disp 1 1 e1671149781312 | Stay at Home Mum.com.au

This handy, compact-sized dispenser is affordable and smaller but it helps out in so many other ways that I love both of these in the office or when I am wrapping gifts! It’s suitable to use for 1 inch/25mm core tapes for tapes from 12mm. Take note that the mini does not have a suctioned base or dual core but it is more affordable than the larger version!

Sellotape’s Large and Mini Safety Dispenser is a must for every household. Would you buy a Sellotape Safety Dispenser for your home or office?

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