10 Ways to Ensure You Find Your Soul Mate

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10 Ways to Ensure You Find Your Soul Mate

When it comes to relationships, there are some guidelines that you can follow that can make life just that little bit easier when trying to find your soul mate! To try and help either keep your relationship strong or help you when deciding if the person is the right one for you, here are our top rules of engagement.

1. Find A Friend First

When you are looking for a partner, you are really looking for the qualities you would want in your friends. Sounds old fashioned, but friends usually stick around through thick and thin, that is what you want in a partner. Someone who is going to love you warts and all. Well, hopefully not too many warts.

2. Nobody Should Have to Change Themselves

Don’t change yourself for someone else to like you. You must be true to your own feelings, beliefs wants and needs. If you find that you are thinking I will let that go and hope that the other person changes, you are setting yourself up for a big disappointment.

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3. Learn to Depend On Yourself First

It is ok to rely on someone occasionally but not all the time. It becomes tiring for the other person and if you find yourself alone, you will have no idea how to cope or what to do. Sounds so simple, but it can be absolutely devastating for the person to suddenly realise that the other person is gone and they can’t operate in the real world.

4. Keep Your Relationship Interesting

Make sure that you occasionally do things spontaneously, with your partner to keep things fresh.

5. Never Sleep On A Fight

The old saying never go to bed angry is so true. It is better all around to have the problem settled before you go to bed, that way you get a good nights sleep instead of worrying all night.

6. Set The Rules of House Work

We don’t have set rules anymore, as in women stay home and the men work. So we have to negotiate more on who does what and when.

7. Guard Your Heart

Be careful. At the beginning of a relationship the sex and attraction can be misguided as love.

8. Make Sure You Share Common Goals

Make sure you are on the same path, and that long term goals and dreams are along the same lines with each other.

9. Don’t Waste Your Time

Emotionally unavailable people will wear you down and unless they are willing to change, it will go nowhere.

What tips do you have to ensure a relationship starts outright?

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