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Sex Toy Buying Guide: you MUST consider these tips

Sex Toy Buying Guide: 7 Tips before you buy

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Sex Toy Buying Guide: 7 Tips before you buy

Sex Toy Buying Guide: you MUST consider these 7 tips

On the hunt to buy a new sex toy? There are literally thousands to choose from and we want to help you narrow the choices and point you in the right direction to make a good decision. A good sex toy can be a long term partner (even longer than the human form), used by you and your partner so it’s important you go back to grass-roots in your decision-making process. I don’t think there is any one sex toy that covers everything, most women and men own many (why not, the more the better), but before buying you really need to cover off these MUST tips.


Tip 1: Who is the sex toy for?

First, we need to narrow it down.

  • Is the sex toy for you or is it for somebody else
  • Male or Female

Answers to these are going to have a big impact on the type of sex toy you buy, some toys are unisex like bullet vibrators and butt plugs others are not for example masturbation strokers, cock rings, and rabbit vibrators.

Tip 2: Which body part would you like the sex toy to stimulate?

We break this down into 2 main parts

  • Internally and/or
  • Externally

If you’re playing externally is it still simply genital stimulation or is this something you want to be able to use all over the body. For internal stimulation, you need to consider the shape and size, but as an example for women, a curved sex toy is great for targeting the G-spot located 2-3 inches in on the upper wall of the vagina.


Tip 3: Think about safe sex toy use

Before you buy a sex toy consider general safety and the other person if you’re using them on another person. Here are some examples:

  • Anal toys should always feature a flared base to ensure they don’t get sucked inside and require surgical removal.
  • Constructed restraint toys such as handcuffs should feature a quick release that can be operated by the restrained person in case of an emergency.
  • Cock rings ideally should be adjustable and quick release and/or made of flexible rubber. There should be a balance of tight but easy to get off if circulation is over restricted.
  • Allergies – some sex toys are made of latex for example

Basically use common sense when considering if a sex toy is safe to buy. More information – NSW Government Play Safe Website

Tip 4: Vibration or No Vibration, strong or soft.

Vibrating sex toys are extremely popular but that’s not to say that you have to go for something which vibrates, dildos are comparatively as popular.

If you’re going to buy a sex toy which does vibrate consider:

  1. How powerful are the vibrations
  2. Power: Battery (Rechargeable?) or main powered (normally more powerful vibes)
  3. Does it need to be waterproof?
  4. Noise

No matter if you go for a sex toy that vibrates or not, keep in mind the shape as mentioned in Tip 2.

via MEME

Tip 5: Lube it up

So you may be thinking “I have no problem in that area” others may”¦regardless of if you do, a partner does not or does”¦Lube is great fun and a must for anal sex toys.

Lube can be used to add an extra layer of glide for the sex toy and deeper stimulation over and above the genitals’ natural lubricant. Don’t discount it as simply for those who suffer from vaginal dryness or for anal play.

Remember not all lubes are compatible with all sex toys and may damage them over the long term. So check in the product description from the retailer you are buying from.

Check out: Top selling lubes in Australia

Tip 6: You get what you pay for

Buying a sex toy is much like buying anything, you can buy cheap, it gets the job done but it’s a mundane experience. Or you can invest in the experience, go for quality, and raise your budget to get the bigger and better trill. Sex toys range in price typically because of the quality, manufacture, research, and technology invested into them, trust us that you will know the difference in a side by side comparison in both orgasms and the robustness of the sex toy to be a long term friend. A good sex toy to last many years and power some almighty “bed grabbing” orgasms over and over.

Tip 7: Size & Frequency

Big is not always better, sure it can be a novelty, but if you are going to use sex toys regularly a 12″ Dildo might not be the best choice. Fun to try just not a daily driver. Consider how often you are going to use your new sex toys if other people are going to be in control of it (could be painful) and if its really the best choice for your perfect stimulation.

If you investing in a sex toy, consider the long term use, are you going to work the sex toy into the bedroom or is it purely for you? This may help you to figure out the sex toy you’re after, it’s the size and more importantly your budget.

Bonus Tip: Best Adult Store in Australia

We investigated this earlier in the year and by far this was Lovehoney. You can read the full list here: Top 10 Online Adult Shops in Australia

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Enjoyed reading this Sex Toy Buying Guide, we have more guides coming. In the mean ask SAHM if you have any questions.


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