List of Environmentally Friendly Disposable Nappies (and where to buy them cheap!)

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List of Environmentally Friendly Disposable Nappies (and where to buy them cheap!)

List of Environmentally Friendly Disposable Nappies

Everyone wants to live a cleaner, more environmentally friendly life.  Disposable nappies have copped a bad name when it comes to being eco-friendly – and rightfully so.  But the good thing is that sustainable and environmentally friendly products are becoming more accessible to the general public all the time, and there are now assorted ranges of environmentally friendly disposable nappies or ‘Eco Nappies’ that are BETTER for the environment than modern cloth nappies. 

Big claim huh!. But it’s true. Let’s look at why Eco Nappies are better!

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Comfy Koalas are the most environmentally friendly disposable nappies on the market.

Aren’t Reusable Nappies The Best for The Environment?

Quick answer: No they aren’t!.

Reusable nappies (reusables) or Modern Cloth Nappies aren’t necessarily the best choice for the environment as constant washing and drying can create more carbon emissions than disposable nappies. According to The Conscious, they compared the environmental impact between two types of nappies over a two and a half year period.  The reusable nappies created 570kg of carbon emissions because of the number of times they were washed and dried (with three out of four loads of nappies being line dried and one load dried in the dryer).

The environmentally friendly disposable nappies or eco nappies only created 550kg of carbon emissions.

So yes, environmentally friendly disposable nappies are better for the environment than modern cloth nappies.

Eco nappies for the win!

Why Modern Standard Disposable Nappies Are So Bad

There was a documentary on the BBC recently called ‘The Secret Life of Landfills’.  In the documentary, they dug up a traditional disposable used nappy from the 1980s and found that still, today in 2020 is totally intact. Modern standard disposable nappies are the same – they just don’t break down – ever!

Luckily the following eco nappy companies are making nappies that are 60 – 80% made from biodegradable materials. There is currently no manufacturer of disposable nappies worldwide that are making 100% compostable disposable nappies – but at least they are a huge step in the right direction.  We hope to see a lot more eco-friendly disposable nappy brands in the future that do produce 100% compostable nappies!

List of Environmentally Friendly Disposable Nappies | Stay at Home Mum

Environmentally Friendly Disposable Nappies are More Eco-Friendly Then Modern Cloth Nappies

What are Environmentally Friendly Disposable Nappies Made From?

Yes, these Environmentally Friendly Disposable Nappies are free from chemicals and contain natural ingredients such as bamboo, but are they as good for the environment as they claim?  Well, it depends.  When deciding on an environmentally disposable nappy, check if they are compostable or biodegradable.

Compostable nappies are the best as they break down into nutrients for the soil.  On the other hand, biodegradable disposable nappies just break down into smaller and smaller pieces – and although this is good, it is still placing harmful plastics at a micro-scale into our environment.

Bamboo is typically used for Environmentally Friendly Disposable nappies because they are:

  • Highly absorbent, taking more than three times its weight in water,
  • Naturally hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sensitive skin and eczema sufferers,
  • Bamboo Fibres are smooth minimising skin irritation and rash on sensitive areas.
  • Naturally antibacterial and has natural deodorising properties,
  • Environmentally friendly, growing rapidly with minimal water, no pesticides and a simple farming and planting process.

BUT: No environmentally friendly disposable nappy is 100% biodegradable. That is because the eco-friendly nappies or eco nappies are only made up of 60 – 80% of eco-friendly materials.  Many of the nappy layers are made from bamboo or cotton, but the outer layers can be made from plastic.  Eco Nappy Manufacturers are working on this to improve that total.

So Which Eco Nappy is Best for the Environment?

At the end of the day, these brands of eco-friendly disposable nappies are the best option Mums currently have.  Because they are partly biodegradable and made by reputable eco nappy manufacturers, you know that at least these brands have the environment in mind when producing these nappies.  The eco nappies are made to minimise waste, sustain forests and source materials that are FSC certified.

Here are our top choices for the best eco nappies on the market:

1. Comfy Koalas Eco Nappies

  • Premium, Resonsibily Sourced Bamboo
  • No Nasty Chemicals
  • Biodegradable Materials
  • Stockist: Comfy Koalas

Comfy Koalas is a Sydney based, 100% Australian-owned, family business. They make super soft, nappies that are delivered right to your door!  Their nappies are made from biodegradable materials that reduce environmental impact, including premium, responsibly sourced bamboo and FSC-certified wood pulp, with no inks, dyes or nasty chemicals. They are also dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and prevent nappy rash naturally with aloe vera. The Comfy Koalas team are committed to sustainability and pack their nappies in special,100% home compostable packaging, that disappears in the garden without a trace.

You are encouraged to dispose of Comfy Koala Eco Nappies with a biodegradable bag which will assist the nappy to degrade faster and more efficiently.

Comfy Koalas are super absorbent and the anti-leakage guard provides up to 310ml of absorbency so they are great overnight! They also feature a handy wetness indicator, which sets them apart from most other eco nappy brands on the market.

Nappy Sizes include:

  • Small (3-8kg)
  • Medium (6-11kg)
  • Toddler (9-14kg)
  • Walker (12-18kg)

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2. Bambo Nature Eco Nappies


Amazon Australia

Bambo Nature Eco-Nappies has been chosen as the best nappies by Choice Magazine, Ethical Consumer Guide and Baby Gera Lab.  They’ve been awarded the Nordic Swan Eco-Label to guarantee a lower eco-footprint with every nappy you use. All the packaging is fully recyclable.

Bambo Nature is better for your baby with no perfumes, lotions, latex or chlorine.  They’re guaranteed to contain no harmful ingredients and have been approved by the Danish Asthma & Allergy Council.

  • Bambo Nature Eco Nappies

3.  Ecoriginals

  • Contains 80% plant-based ingredients
  • 90% biodegradable

By choosing Ecoriginals Nappies you will be directly influencing the reduction of your home landfill contribution.  Ecoriginals have compostable packaging (which is the world first!) and their nappies take only 90 days to biodegrade.  Their eco nappies contain 80% plant-based ingredients and 90% of their nappy materials are biodegradable.

Ecoriginals are designed in Australia and manufactured in China using renewable energy. Ecoriginals are made from cotton, FSC certified wood pulp and non-GMO.

Ecoriginals offer a trial pack too! The Trial pack includes a full-sized pack of Ecoriginals plus a full pack of their Eco-Friendly Wipes – plus 24% off your first subscription.

They offer a discount if you purchase a subscription – plus they have bulk packs which really helps you save money!


172389 | Stay at Home`

4. Eco by Naty Baby

Eco by Naty Baby stocks a plant-based environmentally friendly disposable nappy. The nappies are made from a premium wood pump core that is highly absorbent. Eco by Naty Baby Nappies are free from fragrances and perfumes and are suitable for the most sensitive of baby skin.

Best of all, Eco by Naty has a Monthly Pack so you can save money – as well as the environment!

61fs9vvjO6L. AC SL1300 | Stay at Home

5.  Moltex Eco Nappies

Moltex Eco Nappies were the world’s first environmentally friendly disposable nappy  They are German engineered to outperform other biodegradable nappies.  They have a 100% biodegradable outer liner with 100% FSC-certified wood pulp (from responsibly managed forests).  Their eco nappies are made for a perfect fit with secure adhesive tapes.

Their newborn nappies even have a ‘Comfort Recess’ for the newborn umbilical cord!

Stockists of Moltex Environmentally Friendly Disposable Nappies:

moltex nappies | Stay at Home

5. Muumi Baby

Made in Finland, Muumi Baby Environmentally Friendly nappies are made from the pulp from the Nordic Eco Forest which has the highest eco-standard in the world.  Even the outside packaging of these nappies is biodegradable.

Muumi Baby contains no:

  • Perfumes
  • Phthalates
  • TBT, PVC or latex
  • Chlorine

They come in the following six sizes:

  • Size 1: Newborn 2 – 5kg
  • Size 2: Mini 3 – 6kg
  • Size 3: Midi 5 – 8kg
  • Size 4: Maxi 7 – 14kg
  • Size 5: Maxi Plus 10 – 16kg
  • Size 6: Junior 12 – 24kg

They have the following stockists:

Muumi Nappies

6. Tooshies by Tom

Have you heard about their new organic bamboo nappy? Tooshies are made from organic bamboo, have a 100% biodegradable back sheet and a biodegradable bamboo core. They’re also responsibly manufactured in China.

Tooshies by Tom have a triple layer gusset that keeps the most sensitive of bottoms dry – with a 12-hour leak-free protection so perfect for overnight use.

They are available in sizes 1-6 which covers newborn through to junior size.

Stockists of Tooshies by Tom Environmentally Friendly Disposable Nappies::

Tooshies Mockup Nappy Bulkpacks NEWBORN | Stay at Home

7. Mama Nose Bamboo Nappies

Mama Nose Bamboo Nappies are the new kids on the block and they make bamboo disposable nappies of which 61% will compost within 75 days and are made from non-woven bamboo fibre which contains natural antibacterial properties. All the bamboo sourced by Mama Nose is from sustainably managed Bamboo Farms and is chlorine-free, phthalates-free, fragrance-free and made without latex, lotions or alcohol.

Mama Nose has a trial bundle that includes 30 Bamboo Nappies and 60 Bamboo Wipes for $25.95. Sizes are as follows:

  • Small (3-8kg)
  • Medium (6-11kg)
  • Large (9-14kg)
  • Extra Large (Above 12kg)
Environmentally Friendly Disposable Nappies

9. PANDAS by Luvme Eco Disposable Nappies

  • Made from 85% Biodegradable plant-based materials

PANDAS by Luvme Eco Disposable Nappies are a range of eco-friendly disposable nappies made with plant-based materials and are suitable for the most sensitive skin. PANDAS nappies are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and are free from fragrance, harsh chemicals and other nasties.

PANDAS by Luvme ECO Disposable Nappies

As we find more environmentally friendly disposable nappies, we will add them here to the list!

List of Environmentally Friendly Disposable Nappies | Stay at Home

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