Bully Left Humiliated as Smaller Boy Knocks Him to the Ground

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  • Bully Left Humiliated as Smaller Boy Knocks Him to the Ground

An alleged bully was caught off guard and was left embarrassed as he was knocked out by a student he was reportedly trying to humiliate.

In an video uploaded on Youtube, the bully, wearing a red shirt, a boy believed to be in high school, approached a smaller boy in front of a crowd in a school canteen in the US and allegedly tried to intimidate him.

Warning: Graphic Content

The smaller boy seemingly kept his cool as the larger boy starts to hassle him.

Suddenly, the smaller boy threw a powerful punch and immediately tackled the larger boy, knocking him to the ground.

Horrified onlookers watched as the larger boy’s head bounced off a bench as he falls to the floor.

Looking shocked, the larger boy remains pinned to the ground as he winced in pain.

Now, this is what getting a dose of your own medicine tastes like.

Source: Au.news.yahoo.com

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