Transforming The Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

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Transforming The Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

Hunting for Easter eggs is an Easter tradition that is loved my kids of all ages. After all, what’s better than searching for something sweet and chocolatey? There is the delight in eating the chocolate, the element of anticipation of unwrapping the egg and the sense of accomplishment in finding the egg in the first place. And watching your little ones run around the house or back yard searching for eggs can be a beautiful way to spend your Easter Sunday morning. However, if you’re a little tired of simply hiding the eggs, why take put your own spin on the traditional hunt with these great ideas:

Do the Bunny Hop

Make the kids hop like a bunny around the yard when collecting the eggs. This is a great way to add a silly element for younger kids. You will have them cracking up before they even find the eggs. Make sure you take lots of videos!

Scavenger Easter Egg Hunt

For older kids, make the Easter egg hunt a little trickier by finding extra hard hiding places and making them search for clues around the house. They will need to use the clues to find the large prize, which could be a large chocolate egg or bunny or even a toy, book or game they’ve been eyeing up.

Choose a ColourTransforming The Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

Give each child a certain colour of egg that they must find. This is especially a good idea if you have more than two children or if you are doing a scavenger hunt with your friends, family or neighbour’s kids as well.

Make it a Night Time Hunt

Get out the torches and search for eggs at night. This can be a lot of fun and will certainly keep them hunting for longer. And, you get to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine on the deck while letting the kids explore.

Make it a Blindfolded Hunt

Another way to make the traditional Easter egg hunt a little harder is by using blindfolds. However, you will need to work in teams by having one teammate direct the other to the prizes. Otherwise it may be impossible for the kids to find the eggs, unless they have a bloodhound’s sense of smell (and when chocolate is involved, you may be surprised!)

Relay Easter Egg Hunt

Add a fun sense of competition to the Easter egg hunt by combining it with other traditional Easter games. For example, make two teams and before each child gets to hunt for the eggs, they must carry as egg with a spoon, pop a balloon with a body part and decorate an egg with dye. Then they can hunt down a certain amount of eggs before carrying them back to the start, tagging the next team member and starting all over again. You can add any games and obstacles as you wish, including climbing through tunnels, jumping over logs, throwing balls or beanbags or knocking down pins. Get creative and have an extra prize for the winning team.

Educational Easter Egg Hunt

Make your Easter egg hunt a word scramble by writing a number on each egg (you will need plastic eggs for this one). Then have prizes for the children that come up with different words out of the eggs that they have collected – simple spelling fun for the whole family!

However you choose to conduct your Easter Egg Hunt, it’s fun to mix it up every year and get the whole family involved. After all, most of the best memories are made with laughter and chocolate!

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