6 Fun Chocolate-Free Easter Activities For KidsBecause Easter is not just about chocolates!

Having chocolate-free Easter activities for kids seems like a big ask, but there are plenty of ways to get around it! 

Does it seem like almost all the holidays revolve around chocolate? If your child can’t eat chocolate or if you are tired of the sugar rush and tantrums that these tasty holidays continue to cause, then there are plenty of options for you to celebrate Easter. You don’t need to raid the grocery store for overpriced chocolate treats shaped like eggs, bunnies or your child’s favourite cartoon characters.

Below are some alternatives to celebrating Easter and to the classic Easter egg hunt:

1. Easter Egg Decorating

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Start the day off with a fun craft for the entire family. Pick up a carton of eggs and boil them. Then, use coloured food dyes to dip the eggs. Take a crayon and draw different designs on the egg or tie a rubber band around it to make creative homemade Easter eggs to show off. Make it a competition to see who can make the best egg.

2. A Family Outing

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Let your children unwrap something that is extra special – spending time together as a family. Pick up a gift certificate to the movies, to the zoo or to a child’s play centre in your area and spend the day as a family enjoying this present.

3. Host an Easter party.

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What better way to get your children’s mind off chocolate than to have a party? Easter is a great excuse to get together with friends and family. Host a BBQ in your backyard. If you are up north, then bring out the slip and slide for some water play for the kids. If you’re down south, then you might prefer to set up some classic board games and stick to indoor activities. Whatever the case, your kids will be so caught up in spending time with their friends and running amuck that they will forget all about the lack of chocolate eggs.

4. Use toys for the Easter Egg Hunt

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Children of all ages love an Easter egg hunt, especially when they can unwrap yummy chocolates. However, if your kids are anything like mine, then they will not stop at just one treat! Every chocolate they find will be devoured within seconds. So, why not try something else? One of the best things about an Easter egg hunt is the surprise at the end. So, head down to your local discount store and pick up a bunch of plastic Easter eggs. Fill the eggs with miniature toys such as little chicks, mini cars and farm animals. Your kids will still get the surprise and the fun of finding the eggs but without the sugar rush at the end.

5. Homemade Eggs

Another take on the classic Easter egg hunt is to hide homemade eggs. Instead of buying pre-wrapped chocolates and chocolate bunnies, make your own. You can put healthier options such as nuts, marshmallows, their favourite fruits and small presents instead. Place a sticker on every little present to give it even more glimmer in the eyes of a child.

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6. Go on a scavenger hunt.

Another option you have is to use a scavenger hunt instead of hiding Easter eggs. Hide clues that will lead your kids to one big present, such as a stuffed bunny or a DVD. You can get a plastic Easter basket, place some tissue paper in it and make the present look exciting. This will be much better than chocolate!

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Stores tend to go chocolate happy when it comes to Easter. However, this doesn’t mean you have to. There are ways to avoid chocolate fever and stick to your child’s regular healthy diet by alternating chocolate for other treats and looking into other ways to celebrate this occasion without revolving around chocolate.

Do you know other chocolate-free Easter activities for kids?

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