Cookbook Review: 7 Ways by Jamie Oliver

Cookbook Review: 7 Ways by Jamie Oliver

Cookbook Review: 7 Ways by Jamie Oliver

Easy Ideas for Every Day of the Week

7 Ways by Jamie Oliver - Penguin Books Australia | Stay at Home Mum

RRP $49.99

Mr Oliver is back at it again with another new cookbook designed to making cooking for busy families easy, healthy, and quick.

‘7 Ways exists to give you new ideas for the ingredients you already know and love. Let’s face it, life is busy, and these days we seem to have more and more demands on our time and headspace. This book is about giving you solutions and breaking down any barriers you might be facing while keeping things straightforward and giving you loads of inspiration on the food front for every day of the week’

This book is broken down into ingredients rather than cuisines or mealtimes. Starting at B for broccoli and ending with P for pork you will find 7 recipes for the 18 most common ingredients shoppers buy. It also includes cauliflower, avocado, chicken breast, sausages, salmon fillets, sweet potato, eggplant (aubergine in the book!) eggs, mince, potatoes, peppers, prawns, white fish fillets, whole chicken, mushroom, steak, and finishes with pork and a nutrition page.

Jamie Oliver's 7 new ways with beans for any meal

Jamie says 7 Ways is the most reader-focused cookbook he has ever written.

This cookbook offers recipes and food ideas based on the questions he is always asked.

  • I don’t have time
  • I’m bored
  • I don’t know what to cook
  • I’m stuck in a rut
  • I can’t find fancy ingredients
  • I don’t know how to cook

It’s a very clever book; I often have a friend call or text and ask me “I have a chook, what can I do?”. I love the idea that you can flip to an ingredient and have 7 ideas in front of you. All of which is easy, fast, nutritious and looks super tasty.

Recipes I Want To Cook from the 7 Ways Cookbook

  • Avocado Tempura pg52
  • Filo Chicken Kiev pg66
  • Crispy Golden Chicken pg74
  • Indian-Inspired Frittata pg153
  • Easy Egg & Ham Filo Bake pg154
  • Bombay Jacket Spuds pg178
  • Quick Stuffed Potato Naans pg183

Images from 7 Ways by Jamie Oliver, published by Michael Joseph, photography by Levon Biss, RRP $49.99

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