17 Amazing Lamington Recipes

Here are 17 Amazing Lamington Recipes just for you!!

There are great reasons to celebrate about being an Australian. Well, I guess the best way  to begin with is to feast your palates for the delectable and ultimate Australian favourites. 

Lamington Recipes are on our top list. We hear you, right mums, today is one of your favourite occasions to bake. Well, I guess Lamington has a reputation to bring out patriotism and of course your baking prowess to show the world what a great nation we have.

But to settle your excitement, first, let’s have a quick tour down the memory lane of why it’s called Lamington.

What’s a Lamington anyway?

It’s that squared or rectangular shaped sponge cake coated with chocolate and sprinkled with coconut. The Lamington is a yummy cakey treat that Australia is known for.

Most people say that it was named after Lord Lamington, who served as Governor of Queensland from 1896 to 1901 or his wife Lady Lamington. In one instance, Lamington’s chef  French-born Armand Galland, was called on short notice to prepare a feast for the guests during the busy period in 1901.

The Melbourne newspaper The Age said , Galland used some left-over French vanilla sponge cake, drenched it in chocolate and rolled in coconut. Coconut then was unpopular in European cuisine but Galland got this idea from his wife from Tahiti where coconut was a common ingredient. Lady Lamington’s guests were so delighted with its unique taste that most of them asked for the recipe. Now, we are fortunate to behold and taste this 1900 Lamington recipe until today.

So to celebrate all things Aussie, we are sharing 17 Amazing Lamington Recipes!

1. The Classic Lamington

Nothing beats the best taste than cooking it the old- fashioned way.

17 Amazing Lamington Recipes | Stay At Home Mum
17 Amazing Lamington Recipes
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2. The Neapolitan Lamington

Yes, there are many ways to bake a Lamington cake. Try this  decadent twist of the traditional sweet treat with raspberry and caramel sauces.

3. Fresh Cherry and Coconut Lamingtons

By Olive Magazine

Cherry and lamingtons are match made in heaven!

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17 Amazing Lamington Recipes
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4. Vanilla Custard Lamingtons

The perfect sum of three of your favourites all in one recipe!

5. Double Chocolate Lamingtons

Life is sweet like chocolates. Why not make life sweeter with a double trouble chocolate flavour.


6. Lamington Cake with Milo Icing

A naked cake drizzled with generous globs of strawberry jam and cream and icing made out of Milo. Adding little flags can be great to show patriotism.

7. Chocolate and Passion Fruit Lamingtons

Bring in some new  and refreshing zest with passion fruits on your classic recipe.

8. Lamington Biscuits

A bite-size version of Lamingtons with your favourite  jam and cream in the middle.

9. Raspberry Lamingtons

Give in to this sweet and delicious dessert coated with raspberry creams….. And it’s gluten-free!

10. Lamington Tiramisu

An easy quick whisk recipe with a heavenly tiramisu taste! Yes, you can add a little booze… or a lot…

11. Lamington Cake Pops

Kids will love anything that’s on sticks and this is definitely worth drooling over!

12. Lamington Ice Cream Bars

By Donna Hay

Missed the ice cream truck or? No problem, here’s an easy, Lamington flavoured frozen treat.

13. Lamington Pavlova

Why not bring two classics to your Aussie Day BBQ: Pavlova and Lamington Cake to makes a yummy dessert everyone will love!

14. Madelamingtons

Madelamingtons!! Get it?! The perfect union of French and Australian sweet course. It’s size tells only a half of its heavenly flavour.

15. Lamington Protein Pancakes

Power up your mornings with protein packed lamington pancakes. These pancakes have abs!

16. Caramel Lamingtons

An easy caramel twist on your Lamingtons in a rectangular shapes. Fun to make and definitely fun to eat!

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17. Lamington French Toast

Have an Australian Day Breakfast the way you want it.

What kind of Lamington Recipes are you making for Australia Day?

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