Condensed Milk Baked Lemon Cheesecake

Condensed Milk Baked Lemon Cheesecake


Servings 16
Time Needed Prep
Ingredients 8
Difficulty Medium

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  • 100 g Digestive Biscuits crushed
  • 4 tbsp Sugar
  • 100 g Butter melted
  • 500 g Cream Cheese
  • 395 g Condensed Milk Sweetened
  • 2 tbsp Plain Flour
  • 4 tbsp Lemon Juice
  • 4 Eggs

Nutrition Information

Qty per
140g serve
Qty per
Energy 486.54233796296kcalcal 347.99630788589kcalcal
Protein 6.4551228080957gg 4.6169854684636gg
Fat (total) 20.288107075549gg 14.510939347733gg
 - saturated 11.435845829236gg 8.1794158814386gg
Carbohydrate 73.009600848083gg 52.219651925316gg
 - sugars 65.521684181416gg 46.86396722855gg
Dietary Fibre 0.61546296296296gg 0.4402059636749gg
Sodium 205.23833333333mgmg 146.79541052004mgmg

Please Note - Nutritional information is provided as a guide only and may not be accurate.

If decadence had a form it would look like this Condensed Milk Baked Lemon Cheesecake.

You know what they say, the older you get, the harder it is to cheat on your diet. But with this Condensed Milk Baked Lemon Cheesecake recipe, cheating has never been so easy! Just four ingredients and a few minutes in the oven are all you need for a delicious and indulgent dessert that will have everyone fooled. So go ahead and stock up on condensed milk—you’re going to need it!

Condensed Milk Baked Lemon Cheesecake I Stay at Home Mum

Impossibly sweet and silky smooth with just a hint of tangy lemon, this is one cake that you won’t soon forget.

Condensed Milk Baked Lemon Cheesecake I Stay at Home Mum

So if you’re looking to really blow out a week of healthy eating with a magnificent cheat day, or you’re planning to make one serious impression on just about anyone, whip up this sugary monolith for a jaw-dropping taste sensation.

Condensed Milk Baked Lemon Cheesecake I Stay at Home Mum

This recipe for condensed milk baked lemon cheesecake is an easy and satisfying dessert that is sure to please. The cheesecake filling is made with just a few simple ingredients, and the lemon flavour really shines through. The crust is made from crushed graham crackers and you can use either a store-bought or homemade pie crust.

I like to serve this cheesecake with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of lemon zest. It’s also delicious with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. If you’re looking for an impressive dessert that is relatively easy to make, this condensed milk baked lemon cheesecake is definitely worth trying!

Condensed Milk Baked Lemon Cheesecake | Stay At Home Mum


  1. Preheat your oven to 170 degrees. Prepare a 23cm springform cake pan with high sides by lining it with a circle of baking paper.

  2. In a bowl mix together the biscuit crumbs, sugar and melted butter until well combined. Press this into the bottom of the prepared baking tin.

  3. In a mixing bowl beat the cream cheese with an electric mixer until fluffy. This is easier to do with room temperature cream cheese. Once in this state, gradually beat in the condensed milk until the mixture is smooth. Add the flour and the lemon juice, beating until mixed. The eggs go in last, one at a time, but be careful not to over mix.

  4. Pour the cream cheese mixture over the biscuit base and pop into the pre-heated oven for about 70 minutes or until set in the centre.

  5. Turn the oven off but leave the cheesecake inside with the oven door ajar. Let the cake cool completely, to prevent it from cracking.

  6. Chill in the fridge for 4 hours before serving.

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