10 People Share How They Got Revenge On A Cheating Partner

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10 People Share How They Got Revenge On A Cheating Partner

If you’ve been wronged, isn’t revenge the sweetest thing?

Well, apparently some of our Askers on Ask SAHM agree to this as they shared how they got revenge on their abusive ex* or cheating partner*. Some became really evil, it was wicked!

So, here goes!

*Some entries have been edited for clarity, spelling, and grammar.

10. Just move on.

“I think the best revenge was just moving onwards and upwards and living my best life without him. Felt so great knowing my life was so much better without him in it.”

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9. Going hi-tech…

“I pretty much emptied the house i shared with my physically abusive ex. When I first met him, he was great. Then the mask came off. He made my life a living hell while I was with him. The clincher came when I caught him messing with my birth control. I had a garage sale while he was at work. Luckily, we lived on a main road, so I didn’t even have to advertise. I had a huge surge hit me. For once, I was in control. Anyway, he’s such an idiot. I log into his Facebook every so often and randomly delete messages from people, friends and unlike pages and delete app data. I clicked “see less” on every post on there that I think he will like. I also changed his settings to public Hahaha. I’m not even sure how he hasn’t realised yet. I get his passwords by logging into his google account and going to the smart lock google passwords part. I also can see his myactivity to see all the apps he downloads and pages he visits. Hahahaha. Serves him right for what he did to me.”

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8. A trolley of tampons…

“I got revenge on a highschool ex who broke up with me. Another friend got a trolley full of tampons and frozen food and went through the check out at the supermarket he worked at. Once it had scanned, she said “oops I left my purse in the car.” She didn’t come back and he had to deal with the trolley.”

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7. “Happiness is the best revenge.”

“Fantasised about it for a while! Thought about setting fire to his stuff, smashing his favourite guitar, putting a nail in his tire, you know just little things 😉 But in the end, I just had to move on for my own sake. In the long run, ‘happiness is the best revenge’. I had to let go for my own sake or I would have gone nuts and been consumed by it. Funny thing was, later, when we spoke after a long time of no contact (we had no kids), it drove him crazy that I had just disappeared and he had no idea what I was doing. I’m glad I wasn’t wasting my time sitting out the front of his house or sending hate mail or anything!”

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6. Ran up his bills…

“When I was younger I did. I had the weekend to move out. He was very careful with money, carried on if a light was left on type of person. My friend who had two children came over and did about 8 loads of washing and used the dryer to run up his bills. It was a small thing but it made me feel better.”

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5. Taking it to the carpet…

“Sprinkled alfalfa seeds all through the carpeted area of his unit and then a wee bit of water whilst he was overseas for work He had to replace all the carpet…I feel kinda bad now, This was 15yrs ago but that’s what you get when you f**k my best friend for the time we were in relationship.”

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4. Told his wife about us…

“Yes but I was the other woman. I told his wife! found out after that the day I sent my message to her, they were on a romantic getaway weekend when she got it. Bwahahaha”

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3. Using his brother…

“Slept with his brother.”

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2. F*cked someone else…

“7 years later, and I fu***d someone else….he will never know but it makes me feel better.”

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1. And finally!

“Glued razor blades under his car door handle.”

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How about you? Have you ever done anything to get revenge on a cheating spouse or an ex? Share it with us!

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