50+ Things To Get Done at Home Before Your Baby ArrivesHow to Get Shit Done!

Shit to do ONE MONTH before your due date:

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Pack Your Maternity Bag

Pack your Maternity Bag (ensure you pack extra phone chargers) – check out our FREE hospital bag check list.  Just a hint – if you are purchasing yourself a new nappy bag, use this bag as your Maternity Bag for hospital!

The Storksak Cleo and Mini Fix Changing Nappy Maternity Bag in Black

Attend Birth Classes

Attend all your birth classes.

Deep Clean the House

Have all your carpets, rugs and couches professionally cleaned.

Stock the Change Table

Stock the change table with nappies, wipes, baby wash etc so it is ready to go!

Write the Birth Announcement

Start writing a birth announcement for your local paper. Give it to a family member with payment so that they can lodge it when you are in hospital.

Wash, Wash, Wash

Wash all of baby’s clothing and put away (where no dust can get there) in a cupboard or store in sealed plastic bags. Organise the clothing into sizes.

Put in the Baby Capsule or Car Seat

Have the baby capsule or car seat professionally installed. Your local Ambulance Service often does this service for free.

Go on Your Babymoon

Go away and enjoy time on your Babymoon.

Hospital Paperwork

Put together all your paperwork for the hospital. Items you will need to take to hospital with you will include:

  • Medicare Card
  • Health Insurance Details (if you have health insurance)
  • Identification

Do Not Disturb

Print and laminate a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign for your front and back doors.

Meet With Your Birth Photographer

Pay the deposit to your birth photographer and organise a pre-birth meeting.

Enjoy Your Baby Shower

Enjoy your baby shower.

Waterproof Mattress Protector

Put a good-quality waterproof mattress protector on your bed (amniotic fluid won’t ever come out of a mattress!).


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