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Getting a 4yr old back into their own bed

Answered 1 year ago

My 4 year old nephew is an only child and his parents separated at the beginning of the year. I think initially he just wanted to feel close to his mum during the unsettling time but now it’s become the norm for him to sleep in her bed.
Mum is pretty keen to get him back into his own bed so I’m looking for gift ideas for Christmas to encourage him to go back to his own room.

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1 year ago
Buy an awesome projector, which he only gets to use in his own bed. I did this with a cheap Kmart one. It wasn't really the projector, but only took 3 nights of putting my foot down to get my eldest to stay in his own bed, without us laying with him to go to sleep. Now the projector is just part of the bed time routine.