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Partner keeping earnings secret

Answered 5 months ago

So my partner is from a culture where sons support family. We in oz living in a granny flat at back of my parents for 4 years. My brother got him work when he first came to Australia we have 3 small kids youngest nearly 2. Well now he gives me $833 that's it. I found out he earning over $80k and that 833 i am to save and buy house on. My parents asked me to move out and i need to get a kob too and ready now last kid finally sleeping. So the issue is i work and pay everything

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5 months ago
Ohhh that's a touche subject. I wonder how his culture feels about wives who get fed up with supporting the partners family & leave.

5 months ago
Talk about a joint bank account. If he refuses, leave. It's financial abuse to deny you access to money or to expect that you pay for everything if you get a job. If you're happy to help support his family talk about doing it in a way that ensures you and your family don't go without.