25 Things You Can Do To Help You Become Better at Life

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25 Things You Can Do To Help You Become Better at Life

Do you constantly seek to improve yourself? Well, take heed of these life pro tips from random people on how to become better at life.

If you’re that someone who loves to follow a tip or an advice from a book or someone and even more learning from the day to day experiences, for sure, you’ll go a long way.

The world is full of opportunities, so why waste it for sulking at life? In fact, life has many great things to cherish and levelling your life one at a time makes you become a better person.

25 Things You Can Do To Help You Become Better at Life | Stay At Home Mum

1. Listen to understand, not to respond

This has helped me understand my loved ones more, and I notice it makes people a lot happier to be heard. I used to try to speak when they paused to avoid awkward silences, but I noticed if I allow that one beat of silence to stand, the person will often start speaking again, feeling more free to say the rest of what is on their mind without feeling like they’re talking to much, especially people who are usually quiet. It’s nice.


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2. Productive things FIRST

Before sitting down to binge watch Netflix or game, take five minutes and pick up dirty clothes, trash, or load/unload the dishwasher. Chores are way less burdensome when you do them before they pile up. It also means your downtime is guilt-free because you aren’t thinking of responsibilities you’re ignoring to have fun.


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3. Learned to do meal prep and some freezer-friendly meals

I started my inspiration from the frozen foods section of my grocery store, figuring if they can freeze this stuff, so can I. Sometimes you have to tweak the recipe or cooking method (I don’t usually reheat frozen pizza in the microwave, that goes in the oven), or store stuff separately (for french onion soup, toast the bread on the side, then add it to the heated soup, top with cheese and stick it back in the microwave for 30 seconds).


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4. Sharing the “mental load” of house chores

Last weekend I made a deal with my husband that we could binge watch but after every episode ended we had to get up and clean for 5-10 minutes (together) in one room. The whole house got tidied up that day and it was an overall relaxing day.

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5. Brain dumping

Personally I found that organizing my thoughts as if I’m writing them down helps me look at a situation more objectively, so the negative feelings kinda lose their place.


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More life pro tips to ponder next page!

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