How To Hide A Pimple

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How To Hide A Pimple

Pimples ahhhh. Arrgghhhh, even. The destroyers of photos, the enemy of brides and formal beauties. Those nasty little things that no matter how much you clean, tone, exfoliate and moisturise they pretty much keep to their own schedule. Pimples really come down to two things, hormones and genetics. No doubt many of you have experience the joy of a break out at the same time the red flag goes up.

When a clanger turns up, here are a couple of ideas on how to camouflage them. I have always found not picking at them to be the hardest thing however before a big even keep your hands away from your face. Playing with them can make them much worse.

Ice Ice Baby

Something to start with is cold ice. Using ice on pimples can reduce the redness and size of the offending invader. It can also reduce the pain of those blind ones and can even reduce the longevity of the invasion. Now once you have cooled down your face make sure you wash, and moisturise your face. This will have your makeup lasting longer.


Concealer will be your BFF during a pimple outbreak. The important thing is to make sure it matches your complexion perfectly. If you tan in summer you might need a different colour to your winter one. Another makeup weapon that will come in handy with a concealer brush. It has a nice pointy tip to push the concealer into all the nooks and crannies of the pimple. Now to apply the concealer. Use the brush to place the concealer or to the pimple. Give the brush a bit of a twist but making sure there is a decent layer still on top of the Pimple. Now cover the whole pimple and blend evenly around the edges and onto the surrounding skin. Using a green tinted concealer helps reduce the appearance of redness.


Apply foundation to your whole face missing those nasties that you have put concealer on. Use loose powder to set the concealer by using a clean dry finger and dipping it into the powder and dusting over the pimple. From there you should have a nice even base to start your makeup from. Try not to play too much with the area that you have done your concealing work on so the powder and concealer don’t wear off.

No matter how horrible and ugly these little buggers get don’t let them hold you hostage from your life. What are your pimple hiding tricks?

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