What You Don’t Know About This Woman’s Third Breast

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What You Don’t Know About This Woman’s Third Breast

If you haven’t heard anything about the 21 year old who has allegedly had a third breast surgically attached in the last 24 hours you must have lost your phone – while it was on silent.

Just for those poor folks, Jasmine Tridevil is making news claiming she had a third breast surgically attached at a cost of $20,000, after signing an ethics waiver to have the operation undertaken.

She claims to have undertaken the procedure to procure a MTV reality show contract and to make herself repulsive to men, among other unusual reasons for the game changing surgery.

Huh? Even WTF? I’m going as far as to throw out a holy bandoley batman! Just for this one.What You Don't Know About This Woman's Third Breast

She claims she funded the surgery from money earned as a massage therapist, but many plastic surgeons have come forward to cast doubt on her claims.

This type of surgery would take more than six months to undertake according to Matthew Shulman, a certified plastic surgeon from New York City, in his interview about the subject with The Daily Dot. Jasmine Tridevil (also known as Alisha Hessler) claims her procedure was undertaken ‘just a couple of months ago’ in a recent radio interview.

Now, to take this hoax-ey sounding tale to a new level, remember the lady who made a man who allegedly assaulted her hold up a sign at an intersection stating ‘I beat women. Honk if I’m a scumbag’ last year in Florida? Well, it’s the same chick!

Obviously a fan of the limelight, it appears she has taken seeking her ten minutes of fame and knocked it right out of the park.

Unfortunately for Tridevil/Hessler, she forgot about that time she reported her baggage stolen at Tampa Airport recently, where the inventory of stolen possessions included a ‘three breast prosthesis’.

Oops! Guess the bap is out of the bag then!

Did you get sucked in to the hoax? What’s the best hoax you’ve ever gotten away with?

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