Book Review: Marley and Me

Marley and Me

by John Grogan

Reviewed By Sue PhillipsBook Review: Marley and Me

Imagine bringing into your home a very cute, four legged, ball of fluff puppy for the first time.  What could possibly go wrong?  Plenty, apparently!!!

Marley & Me is a true account of the colourful life of Marley – a boisterous and neurotic Labrador retriever lovingly dubbed “the worst dog ever”, and his family, author John Grogan and his wife and children.

His appetite like his heart was enormous and he grew up devouring everything he was given and then some, and then some more – in fact anything that wasn’t nailed down and some things that were.  In an effort to contain this 44kg so called steamroller he was enrolled in obedience school.  Unfortunately, it was an epic fail and Marley was expelled!!

Through chaos and much hilarity he won their hearts and to the end was a true model of devotion to his family even at the worst of times. This is a story of unconditional love and a true experience of what really matters in life. You will laugh out loud until the tears roll down your face at Marley’s antics and have tears of sadness at the realities and frailties of life and family. Get out the tissues and find a comfy spot to relax because this is an unforgettable, good for the soul book that all pet lovers will enjoy!

Recommend it? Definitely, a great read for all ages, you will laugh til you cry and then just cry!!!

Final Rating:


4 ½ Stars

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