Everything You Need To Know About Cosmetic Tattooing

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Everything You Need To Know About Cosmetic Tattooing

Modern life is all about efficiency, so if you could wake up every morning with your makeup basically done, wouldn’t you be more efficient?

Turns out that is an option, and it’s called cosmetic tattooing.

Cosmetic tattooing, sometimes referred to as permanent makeup, is a beauty treatment that involves adding colour to features of your face, and sometimes, your body. People use cosmetic tattooing to restore youthful definition without people necessary knowing that you’ve had any work done.

Unfortunately, cosmetic tattooing has picked up a bit of a bad reputation. In the past, people who had the tattooing done often looked fake ad even crown-like. The good news is, things have improved quite a bit since then, and these days, people can rarely, if ever, tell that someone has been cosmetically tattooed.

Everything You Need To Know About Cosmetic Tattooing | Stay At Home Mum

What Areas Can Be Tattooed?

When we’re talking about cosmetic tattooing, the areas that can be tattooed are the lips and eyebrows most commonly, as well as along the eye line. Cosmetic tattooists can also create beauty spots, or darken freckles for clients that would like to do that.

What About Medical Tattooing?

Medical tattooing is often lumped in with cosmetic tattooing even though the two are quite different. Medical tattooing involves corrective procedures for individuals who have had damage from accidents and surgery, or who suffer from genetic conditions such as cleft lip.

In the case of medical tattooing, the areas often tattooed are the lips, for burn victims or those with cleft palates or scars. Medical tattooists might also specialise in creating eyebrows for people who have lost them through chemotherapy, or creating nipples of women who have undergone mastectomies.

Pain Levels

There’s no getting around it, getting a cosmetic tattoo can be painful. This is due primary to the invasive nature of the tattoos (i.e. where they go) and the sensitivity of the area being tattooed. People describe the pain as everything from an irritation to a burning sensation. Most tattooists will use a topical anesthetic cream or gel to numb the area where possible. Overall, most people who get cosmetic tattoos feel that the slight discomfort is worth the overall benefit of having the work done.Everything You Need To Know About Cosmetic Tattooing | Stay At Home Mum

Where To Get Cosmedic Tattoing Done?

Well, you won’t be able to go into a tattoo parlour to get your cosmetic tattoos done, unless that parlour offers that as a specific service. While cosmetic tattooing is a tattoo in name, the process and the inks used are different. Remember, while body art is made to stand out on the skin, cosmetic tattoos are intended to look as natural as possible. If you want to find a cosmetic tattooist in your area for a consultation, ask around at plastic surgery offices and laser clinics. Cosmetic tattooists sometimes call their services ‘permanent makeup’ or ‘paramedical tattooing’.

Maintaining Your Tattoos

Permanent makeup is permanent in name only. The reality of these procedures is that they don’t last a lifetime, and depending on your skin tone, they’ll need to be refreshed every three years or so. People with oilier skin find their skin type is often more resistant to colour, while people with fair or dry skin might find that their colour lasts much longer.

Everything You Need To Know About Cosmetic Tattooing | Stay At Home Mum
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There are ways to ensure your cosmetic tattoos last as long as possible. For one, apply any creams or ointments that your tattooists provides, and follow aftercare instructions in full. Also, make sure you book your follow-up appointment, which is intended to fill in any gaps with colour that didn’t take at the first appointment. It’s also important to avoid any acids and peels in the first month, which can fade colour, as well as being aware that sunlight and chlorine can bleach the skin.


It can be difficult to look at costs for cosmetic tattooing, particularly because these prices will vary depending on the area you live in, and the quality of the tattooist. As with anything, you really do get what you pay for with cosmetic tattoos, so do your research first to make sure you’ve chosen a tattooist you can trust.

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To give you an idea of the costs you might pay, we have done some research of our own:

Lip Blend: A line is drawn around the lip to make the shape clear, and the colour is blended to about one-third of the way into the lip itself. For this, you can expect to pay anything from $550 upwards.

Lip Line: A line is drawn around the natural line of your lip. This can cost upwards of $440.

Full Lip: The entire lip is blended in colour, which is taken to the very edge of the natural line of the lip. This costs upwards of $770.

Beauty Spots: In order to create beauty spots or darken freckles you can expect to pay $110 or more.

Eyebrows: These can be tricky and often look terrible if not done well. The tattooist should be attempting to mimic real hair, and clients can expect to pay $550 – $1600, which might include the follow up to fill in gaps.

Eye Liner: The eye is tattooed at the base of the lash, in between the hair. Costs start from $490 for the top, $400 for the bottom, and $800 for both.

A Note About Colour

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In consultation with your cosmetic tattooist, you’ll need to choose the colour that you want for the work you’re having done. The colour that is decided on will depend on where you’re being tattooed, as well as your skin colour. People with fair complexions are usually easy to colour match, while those with darker skin will really need to do their research to ensure the procedure is done well.


Of course, there are some risks associated with cosmetic tattooing, mostly related to potential allergic reactions from the inks and dyes. It’s important that you use a reputable cosmetic tattooist, and that your tattooist does a decent background and medical check on you before any tattooing is done.

Do you have cosmetic tattoos?

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