Hair Goals: Hairstyles Inspired By Sansa StarkRecreate Sansa's Beautiful Winterfell Wedding Hair!

Do you have a Game of Thrones hangover? Well don’t we all? That season 7 finale was a cliffhanger! 

Let’s try remembering all the awesome moments that were showcased in the previous seasons while waiting for the next. One of the strongest characters in Game of Thrones is Sansa Stark. She might not be a crowd favourite but she’s my favourite and that’s all that matters. Lol!

But seriously, Sansa was transformed from a petty little girl to a brave chameleon soul. As part of the Stark pack, this Northerner never forgets and will make sure that the rest of the pack survives. Along with her wardrobe, her hair had a constant change as to reflect how she adapts to her current habitat.

Remember that iconic Ramsey and Sansa scene? Here’s a video on how to recreate Sansa’s braided updo during that appalling scene. We hope you copy the hairdo, not the moment!

Good luck! The north is with you! 


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