How To Kick Your Caffeine Addiction6 Simple Steps For Taking Control Of Your Bad Coffee Habit

Australia is a nation of coffee drinkers.

How To Kick Your Caffeine Addiction | Stay At Home Mum

We know what we like, and we definitely know our way around the maze of beverages from flat white to double espresso and everything in between.

So what happens when you’re enjoyable coffee habit becomes a damaging coffee addiction?

Usually, a coffee addiction just builds up over time. You start on one cup a day, and it just slides up the scale. Sometimes it’s because you work near a great coffee shop, other times you work in a coffee shop. Maybe life is just too stressful (or coffee is just too good). Anyway, before you know it you’re chugging down eight cups on a good day and you can barely think about anything else but your next cup.

Sorry, but you’re addicted.

Luckily, all hope is not lost. There’s a caffeine free light at the end of the tunnel, and you can get there by following these tips!

1) Know Where It Comes From

How To Kick Your Caffeine Addiction
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We might think of coffee as the biggest source of caffeinated beverages, but there are actually a whole lot of suspects to blame for your addiction. Caffeine is present in coffee, but you’ll also find it in energy drinks, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, coffee and chocolate flavoured ice cream and some pain killers. So if you eat or drink any of these things on a regular basis, along with your regular coffee, the amount of caffeine in your diet might be much higher than you think. When planning to cut out caffeine, or at least lower your consumption, knowing where it’s coming from it paramount.

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