Pull-Through Braid with Fishtail Combo

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Pull-Through Braid with Fishtail Combo

Addicted to hair braids lately? Check out the video below that shows an easy peasy style that will get you hooked.

Many of us girls are obsessed with taking care of our hair. We want it to look straight, curled or in the very trendy and super cool hair braids. Braiding involves taking three sections of your hair and simply weaving the strands together (the simplest kind I know). But for more complicated braids, it would take time and patience for you to achieve them.

Here are the Common Types of Hair Braids:

  1. Regular Three-Strand Braid
  2. Fishtail Braid
  3. French Braid
  4. Upside Down Braid
  5. Dutch Braid
  6. Milkmaid Braid
  7. Four Strand Braid

For some reasons, like last-minute appointments or running late for school, it can be challenging to accomplish the perfect braid. But this video will show you how to do a lovely pull through braid with a combination of fishtail braid using only elastics. And it can be done in just one blink of an eye (not literally though).

Here are the steps for you to follow and do Pull-Through Braid with Fishtail Combo

1. Comb your hair and make a poof.

2. Tie your hair with elastics, hold your hair up and make a second layer pony.

1 -

3. Split up the first ponytail while the second pony is up.

4. Secure the second pony and tie it with elastics.


5. Make a third layer. Hold it up and secure it with the second pony.

6. Repeat the steps until you reach the last pony.

7. Once you reach the last pony, you can then split the ponytails to start making fishtail braids.


8. To begin with the fishtail braid, grab some hair strands from the outer area crossing them under the opposite strands.

9. Once the fishtail is complete, you can then go back and tug the edges of each hair section until they are three times more of its original size.


10. You can then apply a hairspray and decorate with some accessories.

Isn’t it simple yet elegant? What are you waiting for? Try it now!

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