Teen Skincare Routine & Best Products Australia Guide

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Teen Skincare Routine & Best Products Australia Guide

Teenage Skincare Routine & Best Products Australia Guide

There are so many cheap and crappy skincare products on the market targeted at pre-teen children. As my miss 10 is beginning show signs of teenage skin problems, a pimple here and there, a little dry patch, the odd blackhead, I decided it was high time to find out exactly what should and should not be in the skincare products we buy for our teen girls and boys.

After all, let’s be honest, unless you have a degree in cosmeceutical science, are a beauty expert or an avid researcher it can be hard to know exactly what to avoid and what to look for!

Good skincare habits start early! My now 15-year-old started caring for her skin around the age of 10 and it’s a great habit to instil because right or wrong, let’s face it, when your skin looks good you have a hell of a lot more confidence, right? And don’t forget your little boys too! If you show them early on they are more likely to look after their skin as they move into adolescence, and hopefully, that skincare routine will help them avoid breakouts in their teens.

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Quick Tip: Both of my girls keep their cleanser in the shower so it’s easier for her to remember.

What are the hidden nasties in Teen Skincare?

When you are buying products for teen or pre-teen skin make sure they don’t contain sulphates, parabens, phthalates or synthetic colours or fragrances as a basic guide when shopping and you will certainly be on the right track! Look for products that are 100% natural and as gentle as possible.

So what kind of daily routine younger children should have, well pre-teens still have really delicate skin; so even though they might have the odd breakout or a few blackheads, steer clear of ‘acne’ washes and treatments. At this age, all they need is a gentle cleanser that won’t overdraw or strip their skin and a moisturiser that isn’t too heavy and won’t clog their pores. If pimples are becoming an issue, a spot treatment is much better than washing the entire face with something that’s way too harsh for their skin.

So, what’s good for tween/teens, here are some recommendations on teen cleansers and moisturisers that aren’t too heavy and you can start building a Teen Skincare Routine:

Andalou Naturals Coconut Water Firming Cleanser


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Andalou Naturals foaming cleanser is easy on the skin and a great addition to our teens skin care routine! It’s designed to hydrate the skin as well as cleansing the face of any dirt. It contains coconut water and a heap of vitamins, minerals and amina acids! Vegan friendly, cruelty-free and using 70% of organic products! Winner!

RRP: $11.99


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Azclear Action Moisturiser is one that you will often see at your local chemist, but it’s a goodie! This moisturiser is designed to be lightweight, so it’s not going to clog up pores or feel like a sunscreen! With the SPF 30, it’s perfect for quickly applying before they head off to school! It’s perfect for hydrating the skin and reducing any redness. It can be easily included in a quick teen skincare routine.

RRP: $14.50

Noosa Basics Foaming Face Wash 

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Noosa Basics Foaming Face Wash was created to be a gentle, natural cleanser that’s ideal for acne-prone skin. It contains Neroli Hydrosol, which actually is a water-steam made from the fragant of blossoms of orange trees. It’s known for it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Noosa combined Neroli Hydrosol with tea tree oil and willow bark, which creates a very safe, effective and gentle cleanser which is perfect for a teen skincare routine.

RRP: $24.00

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Who doesn’t love shea butter? It’s amazing! Always smells so good! A’kin Sensitive facial moisturiser is full of it, along with rosehip oil and aloe vera! This moisturiser is fragrance free and is perfect for soothing and hydrating teen skin. It’s vegan friendly and curelty free, and made within Australia.

RRP: $13.95

100% Pure Lavender Oat Milk Soothing Cleanser

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100% Pure Lavender Oak Milk soothing cleanser smells amazing! It’s a powder cleanser that is great for all skin types. Simply mix a small amount of water with some of the 100% Pure Lavender Oat Milk Soothing Cleaner powder to create a foam texture to massage onto your face. It actually contains oatmeal (weird hey?) but turns out oatmeal is great for redness or skin that is irritated. It also contains echinacea (a flower from the daisy family) which is known to be used in herbal supplements as it has anti-bacterial benefits.

Little Urchin Natural Daily Moisturiser

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The Little Urchin facial moisturiser is full of aloe vera, cucumber, avocado oil and even berries that contain amazing hydrating qualities. It’s light and non-greasy, perfect for teen skin, that can be used on either the face or body.

Raww Purify-ME Gentle Cleanser

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Raww Purify-ME Gentle Cleanser is made for sensitive and acne prone skin. It’s full of natural ingredients like coconut water, berries and aloe vera. With an epic combination of amazing ingredients, its hydrating, anti-bacterial and calming to the skin.

RRP: $19.99

KORA Organics Soothing Moisturizer

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KORA has an awesome reputation for creating effective and natural skin care products. This moisturiser is a testament to that! It’s full of chamomile, evening primrose oil and lavender. It aids in reducing redness, and keeping skin hydrated and youthful.

RRP: $62.00 

Lavera Cleansing Gel

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Lavera Basis Facial Cleansing Gel is a foaming cleaner that suits all type of skin. This cleansing gel contains lemon balm which acts as an anti-inflammatory and an anti-bacterial agent.  It’s a great addition to a teen’s everyday skin care routine to remove dirt and make up.


More Reading

We hope you enjoyed reading and all the best with getting your teen into a great Skincare Routine.

Teen Skincare Routine & Best Products Australia Guide | Stay at Home Mum



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