15-Month-Old Leads Cheers of 500 Teenage Boys at Summer Camp

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15-Month-Old Leads Cheers of 500 Teenage Boys at Summer Camp

Kids can be a pain but the hardest types of people to get your attention from? Teenage boys. All 500 of them, at a summer camp.

But apparently 15-month-old Luke Radbill has no problems doing that whatsoever and this video is here to prove just that.

This pint-sized leader-in-the-making confidently takes on a crowd of 500 teenage boys and commands them in a game of Simon Says without any hesitation. As he waves his hands and claps, every single one copies him and cheers for him loudly.

Even the adults joined in on the fun and the crowd favourite is obviously very proud and happy to be in front of a big audience and a camera. The clip has been viewed more than 3 million times to date and we love some of the viewer comments including this one: “This is awesome. Every child should have an opportunity like this to feel special, empowered.”

See what happens when little Luke gets in front of the crowd:

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