12 Reasons Why Toddlers Are Basically GremlinsWhat you see isn't always what you get..

Toddlers are basically Gremlins — as in Steven Spielberg’s Gremlins.

I bet every parent would agree to this.

Sure, they are sweet, cute and cuddly little Mogwai-like creatures. I don’t even understand what they say, but they sure are delightful!

Here are other reasons why toddlers are actually real-life Gremlins..

1) It’s impossible to understand what they’re trying to tell you.

2) They freak out at anything..

Not just when they get wet.

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3) You are NOT to feed them anything after midnight!

4) They think they’re John J. Rambo..

or any dust and mud-loving action star for that matter.

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5) It’s not a very good idea to bring them to the movies.

6) They drool more than you ever thought humanly possible.

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7) Keep them from anything they want and the Spike the gremlin will appear.

8) They can be very cute and innocent.

And because of that, they can get away with anything. It’s a trap!

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9) They think they know how to use everything in the house.

10) Then leave a mess….EVERYWHERE!!


11)  Answer a phone call and disaster happens..

12) Answer the door and you come back to this..

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Oh these little Gremlins! If only they weren’t our flesh and blood!

If people warned me my sweet little baby would turn into a full on gremlin, I would have been better prepared!

But nah, there is no manual for raising these little creatures!

I’m sure all parents will agree.

12 Reasons Why Toddlers Are Basically Gremlins | Stay at Home Mum

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