20 Bizarre and Unusual RecipesA mayo cake. Mayo and cake. Sounds repulsive.

If you think you’ve tried it all, then think again.. these food combinations (whoever created them) will surprise you..

They sound so bad together! However, if you plan to serve some to your nasty MIL well, as you were. But you didn’t hear it from us *wink*.


Here we go, 20 bizarre and unusual recipes.. So weird you’ll question the people who first created these. I wonder if they are normal.

1) Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake with Brown Sugar Frosting

A mayo cake. Mayo and cake. Sounds repulsive.

via thecountrycook.net

2) Irish Nettle Soup

Sounds like a depression meal…

via hvmag.com

3) Hibiscus Flower Enchiladas

Apparently, some people think this recipe is worth obsessing over..

via loveandoliveoil.com

4) Basil, Macadamia and Dark Chocolate Tart

I’d desert this dessert and live in the desert if this is the only dessert left in the world..

via dessertcrisis.wordpress.com

5) Glass Potato Chips

Is this even edible? My kids would eat anything else made of glass if I they see this served on the table.

via instructables.com

6) Apple Bacon Cheddar Cupcakes with Mesquite Buttercream

I’m not sure if I want my apples and bacon together.

via cupcakeproject.com

7) Cereal and Milk Popsicles

So when do we serve this? Breakfast? Lunch? After Dinner? I am now confused.

via aspicyperspective.com

8) Grape Poppers

They said these poppers will disappear fast. I reckon too. They’d disappear fast because I’m not making any.

via blog.candiquik.com

9) Carrot Butter


via coffeeandquinoa.com

10) Celery Soda

Celery what?

via food52.com

11) Maple Bacon French Toast Cupcakes

One does not simply put bacon on top of cupcakes.

via bakedbyrachel.com

12) Dill Pickle and Potato Soup

This soup is making me cry.

via cinnamonspiceandeverythingnice.com

13) Nutella Covered Bacon

Perhaps this is a little too unhealthy?


14) Mountain Dew Cupcakes

Why don’t you just buy a bottle of Mtn Dew and get yourself a cupcake? That’s less the hassle.

15) Pig Candy

This recipe has a disturbing name. Are we trying to insult the candy?

via acozykitchen.com

16) Sweet Corn Ice Cream

There are so many things in life that should be left as it is. Like this Sweet Corn..

via spoonforkbacon.com

17) Alien Brain Hemorrhage Shot

via themarysue.com

I can’t even.

18) Spicy Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes

Cupcakes are comfort food. I don’t see anything comforting about this.

via lovinfromtheovenblog.com

19) Vinegar Pie

This is the saddest thing to happen in the history of pies.

via moneysavingmom.com

20) Bacon Popcorn

I’m starting to wonder how many normal people are there left in the world.

via foodandwine.com

On a scale of 1 to gag, how disgusting is this post for you?

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