Daddies Take Book Reviews to A Whole New LevelWhen daddies demystify your favourite children's books..

Daddies aren’t always best in parenting compared to mums (no bias here, of course)…

Make no mistake about it, dads make great providers, just not so much when it comes to taking charge of the house or changing nappies or going through the details with things that involve their kids, Including children’s books..

Once it has their full attention, you know they’re giving it all they have…

Oh we just love it how they take apart those not-so-simple-anymore books.

Ahh…those big words. Aren’t daddies just all so full of wisdom?

But it’s fun to listen to them doing book reviews, anyway.

How about we challenge them into checking out 50 of the best children’s books, huh?

Have a wisdom-filled Thursday!

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