Dads Singing Little Mermaid’s Part of Your WorldNo matter who you are, becoming a dad changes everything.

Whilst we are counting down the days ’til Father’s Day, we are featuring daddy videos to sing praises for these awesome main men of the house.

The intro of the video below very aptly says, “No matter who you are…becoming a dad changes everything”.

This means learning to change dirty nappies, teaching cheerleading tricks, finding ways to make it all easier when dad is left alone with the baby or, this time around, learning to sing a line or two of your daughter’s favourite classic fairy tale song. LikeĀ The Little Mermaid‘s Part of Your World, for example.

These dads include firefighters, cops, Marines, doctors, barbers and construction workers, by the way.

The daughter of these awesome men are lucky to have them as their dads…

How amazing are these dads singing one of The Little Mermaid’s most popular soundtrack?

Have a whimsical Wednesday!

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