Funny Clips of the Week

Let me hear you say it, THANK GOD IT’S FRI….Wait, no, it’s only Wednesday! Nothing like waking up to realise it’s only the middle of the working week to make you want to trawl the internet for something to lighten the mood and give you a giggle. So I did, and I shared it with you!


Everybody loves a baby, and it looks like this big sister loves her little brother just that little bit more! This one made our hearts melt!

SAHM’s Jody is a shocker with autocorrect; a classic text tard (Sorry Jody)! And there’s something about Ellen reading out classic text autocorrects that had us wetting our pants!

Every kid has a favourite song, but I’m betting this Katy Perry tune is number one on this Mum’s list too! Anything to stop the whingeing!

Ever been in the plumbing section of Bunnings and thought, ‘Yeah, I could totally express myself creatively by bashing on some old pipes…”? Yeah, me neither. But we’re glad this guy did!

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