Hilarious Back to School Rap

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Hilarious Back to School Rap

Try to watch this and not laugh. The Holderness Family get an A for Awesomeness.

Okay so it’s not back to school time for us Aussie parents, but our North American and European counterparts are all gearing up to send their ankle biters back to school in the next couple of weeks. And thus the Holderness Family have created this hilarious parody of Back Got Back by Sir Mix a Lot to showcase their excitement to see that big Bus turn up at the curb and ship their kids back off to school for another year.

Baby Got Class

We first met the Holderness Family with their hilarious Pajama Rap last Christmas and this one is just as awesome and just as relatable, especially the school supply shopping part- make sure you watch til 1:32 – soooo funny!  Bravo Holderness Family. Bravo!

Watch the clip!

Can you relate? 

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