Turn Back Timemusic memories

Everybody loves a catchy ad, and, love them or hate them, there are some ads that have the habit of hanging around in the back of your mind all day long after hearing/watching them just once! Lately, I am loving a particular car ad. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t even remember what brand or type of car the ad was for, Google had my back and I found it to be Kia!

Everyone loved the first Kia ad with the song ‘The Message’ (Don’t Push Me) and they have come back with the classic Salt N Pepa song ‘Push it’ for their second smash. Tapping into the kids from the 80’s and teenagers from the 90’s generation (which makes sense, as they are the ones buying the cars!), Kia ads have me bopping along and embarrassing my kids every time they interrupt whatever TV show we are watching!

An awesome marketing ploy for anyone a little sentimental when it comes to their favourite tunes from the 90’s. And all the parents out there who secretly love nothing better than a car ride alone with an old-school classic cranked up on the radio!

Love your work Kia!


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