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The eternal catch cry for families everywhere is  ‘What’s For Dinner’.  Did you know that most families recycle the same six meals (or variations of) over and over again only for our children to whine and  complain and then not eat them.

I know I’m pretty much sick of cooking those same six meals.  Dinner time in my household is something like this:

Me: Putting down the plate of lovingly cooked hot  food in front of the children.

Children: What is it?

Me: Spag Bol/Curried Sausages/Pasta Bake/Bangers and Mash/Steak/Beef Strog

Children: I  don’t like it.

My children do however enjoy the nightly entertainment of Mum chucking a tantrum.  I’ve tried crying, I’ve tried bribery, I’ve left in a dinner table in a huff (and zipped down to the local coffee shop for a latte).    Front row seats at a boxing match would be quieter than the nightly dinner time fights.  My husband knows better, he eats, well he’d better!

‘They ‘ say that you should get your children involved in choosing meals, getting them to help you do the preparation and cooking.  No – I know for a fact my eldest boy would rather starve to death then eat something green and crunchy.

What’s the solution?  Well in my five years of being a Mum, I’ve only found one solution.  No dinner, no Dessert!

Whats For Dinner | Stay at Home Mum



By Jody Allen 

Jody Allen is the Chief Editor and Owner of Stay at Home Mum.  She has recently started writing a weekly article for The Gympie Times and thought you may enjoy it too!


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