5 Tips To Look Good Naked Before Summer

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5 Tips To Look Good Naked Before Summer

In Australia, summertime is rapidly approaching, which means having to change some things. The sun will shine to its heart’s content.

You won’t need to worry about hiding away under layers of clothing, and you’ll need to start shaving your legs again. With less clothing available as a distraction from the possible pudge that has found a home around your waistline, summer is a pretty good time to get in shape.

It gives you the chance to enjoy the warm climes that make Australia so tempting for holiday goers, and you can strut your stuff on every beach and poolside from here to kingdom come.

However, to do that, you would want to look good in all angles.

The best way to think about looking good in clothes, especially before summer hits, is to focus on looking good without them.

That’s right — naked. Having confidence in yourself wearing nothing but your birthday suit guarantees more confidence in your summer existence.

The good news it, we’ve got the tricks to make it happen! Here are some tips to look good naked before summer:

1. Set Goals

You can’t accomplish anything without first setting a goal. Think about what motivated you to get started on this idea. Why do you want to look better naked? There’s really no wrong answer here.

It could be something as simple as getting into a bikini you used to wear that’s now a little snug, it could be getting into shape before Christmas comes along, or it could just be because you aren’t feeling as good as you want to both mentally and physically.

Whatever it is have a clear goal about what you want to achieve. It might be a number on the scale, a measurement, or simply a pair of pants you want to wear. In any case, continue to revisit your goal throughout the process, and be motivated by your success.

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2. Drink Lots Of Water

There are so many reasons you want, and need, to drink a lot of water when trying to look your best. Not only does water flush out toxins that can leave you dull and unenergised, it makes your skill glow.

A well-hydrated body has more skin elasticity and that feeling of youth in the skin really does carry over into your confidence.

Also, water is a good appetite suppressant if you’re having trouble swapping out those heavy winter meals for the lighter summer ones. Drink lots of it throughout the day, and during any activity.

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3. Scrub Out The Old

Another way to boost your skin, and your confidence, is to do a few skin scrubs. The skin scrub is the miracle of modern skincare.

Simple, and easy to source from either a beauty shop of your choice or even make in your own home (sugar scrubs in particular are a favourite), they can make such a difference to your body. By removing all of the old skin cells that are just sitting on the surface waiting to slowly flake into miniscule house dust, you’re uncovering a new you.

This invigorating process is a simple and straightforward way to feel better in the skin you’re in, even if that’s all you’re wearing!

4. Eat The Right Foods

There are a couple of things to consider when it comes to getting your summer diet right. The first is that you want to dial back on heavy winter foods and start eating more summer appropriate meals. Why?

Well winter foods can be heavy, and with the heat of summer they’re more likely to make you feel bloated than satiated. Making the shift early and adding more summer foods like salads and grilled meats and fish means you won’t suddenly feel like you aren’t getting enough food and be tempted to snack. The second thing here is that you want to avoid foods that bloat.

Obviously, if you’re trying to look good in the buff (or close to it) you don’t want to be swollen at all. So dial back on sweet fruits, wheat and rye heavy meals, heavy dairy and beans. They’re not your friend.

5. Get A Sweat Up Every Day

If you want simple solutions to looking good naked, we’ve got some bad news for you. You probably won’t see any marked changes if you don’t exercise regularly.

If you’ve got some bulge to get rid of, getting a good sweat up every day is the answer. Along with eating healthy foods, regular aerobic exercise helps to balance your energy consumption and use, and can burn that little bit extra straight off. Of course, looking good naked isn’t just about being thinner, it’s about tone.

Be sure to include some toning and muscle building exercises in your routine, even if it’s just some simple moves done on a yoga mat in your bedroom. Anything that focuses on toning the butt, stomach and arms is probably what you’ll want to try!

How are you planning to get fit before summer?

5 Tips To Look Good Naked Before Summer | Stay at Home

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