5 Most Notable Eunuchs in HistoryMe and my morbid fascination...

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4. Alessandro Moreschi


The castrati were usually prized singers who used to maintain a very high pitched voice into the adulthood via the somewhat thrilling practice of the castration. Because women were not allowed to sing in various settings, the Vatican for instance, to achieve much higher notes, castrati were needed. A lot of boys were actually castrated by their parents hoping that their sons would eventually become well known singers, only to discover that their voices were very poor.

This practice died out since women became much more able to appear in public. Alessandro Moreschi was the last of the castrati. He had his voice recorded, which is the only recording of a castrato that is available today.

5. Origen


He is among the early church fathers. When his father was killed for his Christian beliefs, Origen travelled to receive further learning in theology and philosophy. He looks to have taken Matthew 19:12 extremely serious, which states that for there are several eunuchs who were born from their mothers’ wombs, and there are some who were made eunuchs of men, and also there are some eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the heaven’s kingdom. He who is able to receive it, then let him get it.

When he took this as a precise command, Origen castrated himself. In fact, this particular story of self-castration of Origen has been told ever since antiquity but a number of modern historians doubt its truth.

This is the bizarre history of eunuchs. 

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