Top Spots You Know You Should Clean, But Don’t! Part 2

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Top Spots You Know You Should Clean, But Don’t! Part 2

So popular was our recent post Top Spots You Know You Should Clean, But Don’t!, we decided to bring you a part 2, to make you feel really good about all the cleaning you don’t do, and inspire you to start scrubbing! Haha! Maybe not! But we’ve managed to come up with even more places that harbor dirt and grime, just waiting for you to tackle them!

Fake House Plants

I’m a guilty culprit when it comes to this one! Your fake indoor plants may not need watering, but they definitely need a good dusting every now and then. A damp dish sponge should do the trick – although you may look a little odd wiping down your palm tree in the hallway.

Bath Loofahs

You never thought about it until I just said it, did you? Bath loofahs scrub off dead skin cells and scrub your body clean – enough said. They also harbour bacteria, mould and germs, eeewww! Soak these babies in a bleach solution to kill of the bugs, and make sure it dries completely after each use by hanging it up. Replace your loofah every 3-4 weeks.

Ear buds and Headphones

A simple antibacterial wipe will sanitise these, especially important for the earbuds that are placed deep in your ear. Manky earbuds and headphones can lead to ear infections and when you look at the state of some peoples actually ear canals…… you don’t want to be sharing that when you share your tunes!

Exhaust Fans

Next time your having a quiet sit on the loo, look up! That grimy, dusty exhaust fan sucks up more than just stinky smells, so it needs a good clean from time to time. A great tip? Pop them all off, lay them in the bottom of your shower and spray with your choice of cleaning spray. When you jump into the shower next, use the water to rinse off the dust and grime and give them a bit of a scrub. Same thing works for pedastal fan grills.Top Spots You Know You Should Clean, But Don't! Part 2

Dish Rack

A bit like your shower, your dish rack gets wet everyday so you’d think it doesn’t need too much cleaning? Think again. Just turn your rack upside to see all the nasties and food crud that accumulates under there. A good spray and scrub with your choice of cleaning spray will do the trick, but make sure you get right into all the nooks and crannies.


I have a swanky steam station iron with a big water reservoir and you can imagine my surprise when the water overflowed on filling and all this dirty water, flakes of calcium and other muck came pouring out. The water may be boiling but the residue has to go somewhere. Try and rinse out your water reservoir regularly, but DO NOT boil vinegar or cleaners in your iron unless it’s instruction manual states it is OK. While you’re at it, give the plate a good scrub too; nothing worse than black scorch marks on a nice clean shirt.

High Chair Straps

High chairs are notoriously tricky to keep clean, what with all their corners and edges, and the straps usually get forgotten. Next time you give your high chair a good clean, don’t forget to scrub the straps too.


Never as dirty as the floor and definitely not a high traffic area; the ceiling still manages to get all kinds of marks and build-up on it. Kids with bunk beds tend to touch the ceiling with their dirty feet, or fling things up that never come down. Balls leave filthy marks and long sticks/brooms etc leave scuffs and dents, and let’s not forget the spiders that make their homes on the cornice. Definitely not a favourite job for anyone, you can sugar soap your ceiling like you do your walls, or (if you’re like me) just leave it for the next time you paint!

Have we missed a spot? Let us know!


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