Personalising your Child’s Lunch  

Personalising your Child’s Lunch   

One of the things that can be hard for kids when starting school, whether they are five or ten, is leaving the comfort of home and having mum with them all day. Ease them in the transition of school and let them know you are missing them and thinking about them without hovering outside the door or sneakily watching them over the school yard fence (yes, I did do this today but, in all fairness, it’s my son’s first time at school!). We’ve got some great ways to give them a guaranteed smile when they open their lunch box or esky every day.

Love Lunch Time with GLAD Love Notes

Thanks to our partners at GLAD Australia, the experts in food protection, we have these free printables to add to your child’s lunch box, you know, as a way to let them know that you are thinking about them. There are 18 in total and can be printed, cut out and stuck directly onto a GLAD Snap Lock Bag. Your kids will love having a little riddle, note or game to enjoy after lunch. You can add a little note or funny to brighten your child’s day and give them an extra reason to smile.

Download or print them out and add a little bit of love to your kid’s lunch boxes.

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Adorable Butterfly Snacks

Looking for some fun snacks to include in the lunch box? Why not make these adorable butterflies out of snack sized GLAD Snap Lock Reseal Bags and give them a surprise when they open their lunch? I don’t know about you but my kids are certainly more keen to eat grapes and cut up veggies when they are shaped like a butterfly. This trick is so easy to do too! Simply use a snack sized GLAD Snap Lock Reseal Bag and add your favourite treats. Attach a colourful peg to the middle. Using a glue gun attach two googly eyes and weave two coloured pipe cleaners at the tip of the peg to create the antenna.

Personalising your Child's Lunch | Stay at Home Mum

Prize Possession

Another way to personalise your child’s lunch box is to include a small ‘prize’ in the lunch box daily.  Small things such as book marks, pencils, stickers or trinkets to make lunch fun. These are just a sweet way to let your kids, especially the little ones that may be a little weary of returning or starting school know that you are still there in spirit.

Lunch Box Smiley Faces

And, finally, you can add a little smile to their sandwiches with these healthy and easy funny faced sandwiches.  We love these hilarious faces using basic ingredients such as tomato, capsicum, lettuce and onion.  You can use any ingredient you have and cut the sandwiches in various ways to add texture to your character. GLAD Snap Lock Sandwich Reseal Bags will not only lock in the flavour but also the funny faces. So think outside the bread and butter and get creative!

Back to school can be hard on both parents and the kids. Give them something to look forward every day by personalising their lunch. A little effort can go a long way, especially on those less-than-perfect days.

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