9 Top Spots You Know You Should Clean, But Don’t!

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9 Top Spots You Know You Should Clean, But Don’t!

With Spring coming in a matter of days, it’s time to bust out your rubber gloves and that brand new mop head and give your home a good spring clean!

Everybody has their ideas and routines when it comes to spring cleaning their place, but what about that places that most people forget? When you manage to get to it after 5 years and it’s become a job for an industrial strength cleaner and a high pressure hose, or just the bin? We’ve asked around and found the top places we know we should clean, but don’t!

1. Top Of The List….Top Of The Fridge!

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Oh it’s manky up there! And usually covered in crap that only hubby can reach because he’s the only one tall enough. The greasy black film that tends to crust up on the top of the fridge is a combination of oily gunge from the stove top and dust. Usually a job for the strong stuff!

2. Rubbish bins

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I’m not just talking about your big kitchen bin and the little bathroom basket, but the big green wheelie job, and it’s recycling twin. Birds get to your rubbish and rip those bags open and shit leaks everywhere, then you get flies and maggots breeding on the bottom and ants crawling up the sides. Gross doesn’t even cover it – flip it over on the lawn and hose that crap out!

3. Toothbrush holder

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Even worse if you have one with the holes to hold the toothbrushes, these babies fill up with used toothpaste, saliva and god knows what else your kids might stick in there! Either wash it out regularly, or chuck it out when it starts to grow stuff in the bottom that starts poking out the top!

4. Curtains

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You’d be amazed how much black water drains from the machine when you wash (machine-washable) curtains. These seldomnly cleaned room trimmings absorb all kinds of nasties from the air including skin cells and any manner of smells. Treat yourself to some clean curtains, their original colour might surprise you too!

5. Window tracks

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Have you got tiny little fairy fingers? Do you like to get crusty crud under your fingernails? Do you like dead flies? If your any answer to these is no, chances are your window tracks are pretty neglected. I am yet to meet anyone who has a vacuum attachment small enough and suction powerful enough, or fingers small enough, to get into these dark valleys where flies go to die.But just think about how many decapitated fly body parts there must be laying in that thing…….

6. Wardrobe runners

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Next time you slide your built-in rode doors open, look down. How much grass/dirt/dog shit has been caught up in there from your shoes? How many bobby pins, sequins, loose bits of thread, 5 cent pieces and band aid wrappers does it take to manky-up a wardrobe runner? Pick it up (with your hands, not your vacuum) and enjoy a wardrobe door that actually closes, ALL THE WAY!

7. Gadgets

Phones, remotes, controllers and tablets. Countless times have I seen hubby sneeze into his hand and then change the channel on the TV. The kids pick their nose and then prod at a tablet screen or PS3 controllers, and I shudder to think how much bacteria is growing on the phone receiver after some of the wrinkle cream residue I’ve haphazardly wiped off it from my own moosh. For heavens sake though, don’t scrub it in water, an antibacterial wipe should do the trick.

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8. Drains, plugs and plugholesHow To Clean Smelly Drains

Hands up if you have those clever little gunge-catching plugs, but you just pull them out and let the food bits collect in the plug hole? Yeah, that’s gross! The buildup of food in your drains could probably feed a small town, and the fee for a plumber to come out and unblock your drains would probably clothe and educate those poor buggers too. Chuck some drain cleaner down those holes and give their mouths a good scrub. Oh, and soak those fancy schmancy plugs in some disinfectant while you’re at it!


9. Pillows, Doonas and MattressesHow to Clean a Mattress e1598963906922 | Stay at Home

You’ve heard it all before, but how often do you give your boudoir setting a good deep cleanse? Mattresses are the nice, soft warm home for bugs and dead skin and dirt and sweat and sex fluids….blegh! And you snuggle up to them every night! Your pillow can usually let you know when it needs a bath after it gives off a strong pong, but with your mattress and doona being a bit bigger, they tend not to give off such a stench. Pillow washing here, doona douching here, mattress revitalisation techniques here! Go!

If you haven’t cleaned all these top spots in a while, do it now!

9 Top Spots You Know You Should Clean, But Don't! | Stay At Home Mum


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