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Where To Find Adorable Rocking Chairs for the Nursery

All Mums with newborns know about the ‘rock’…  We rock on the balls of our feet, pleading with our baby to go to sleep.  We walk and rock around the house, in the wee hours of the morning when no one in their right minds should be out of bed.  Older Mums rock trolleys, the ‘rock’ just becomes an automatic part of you.  Now that rocking chairs are making a huge comeback in nurseries, I just wonder ‘ Why did no one think of bringing them back sooner!’ They are a BRILLIANT idea.

We have found different rocking chairs for every taste, budget and style.  If you are getting your nursery ready for your new addition, please consider getting a rocking chair.  You will certainly never regret it!

The Micah Beige Rocking Chair

Restore the relaxation in your living room with the bentwood rocker legs and laid-back looks of the Micah Beige Rocking Chair from Resort Living.

Retails for $87.26

Get it from Zanui (Afterpay available)

Micah Beige Rocking Chair

Zanui Micah Beige Rocking Chair – $87.26

The Asta Rocker

Featuring a blonde, birch wood frame and chic padded seat for the best in contemporary design. Whether you wish to use in the nursery, living room or bedroom, the Asta Rocker ensures you’ll always have the best seat in the house!

Available in black, grey and cream

Retails for $119.95

Get it from Mocka (Afterpay available)

Mocka Asta Rocker - Grey with Rec Rug and Brooklyn Midi Drawers

The Asta Rocker from Mocka for $119.95


The Aldi Rocker Chair

These gorgeous rocking chairs from Aldi caused a rampage in stores in around Australia, and it was so popular they sold it twice in a year.  If you can find them now and get your hands on one – they are apparently – AMAZING!

  • Diamond-tufted backing
  • Solid wooden rocking legs and standard legs included
  • Fire retardant fabric

Get it from Aldi or you might have to beg, borrow, steal one or find one on Ebay.

Retails for $199.00

The Aldi Rocking Chair – Available from Aldi for $199.00

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