How Subscription Meal Services Saved My Marriage

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How Subscription Meal Services Saved My Marriage

Being a mum is a journey filled with joy, being a wife is a lovely feeling too; but managing the household with kids, marriage, holidays, activities and having to think of what to eat EVERY SINGLE MEAL TIME is enough to make one crazy – thank goodness for subscription meal services!

Finding time to prepare wholesome meals can often feel like an uphill battle.

That’s where the convenience of subscription meal services comes into play, providing mums with a practical solution to simplify their lives and ensure that the family is well-fed without sacrificing quality or nutrition.

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Feeding a family is no small feat, especially when everyone seems to have different preferences and dietary needs (picky eaters!!!). Subscription meal services step in as a reliable option taking the guesswork out of providing wholesome, satisfying food for everyone.

With this out of the way, there’s more time for us mums to engage in me time and date nights with the husband. Hopefully we aren’t as exhausted and irritated to enjoy board games, go out for date nights, watch movies or heart-to-heart talks.

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Meal Plan Subscriptions We Highly Recommend

If you are looking for meal plan subscriptions you can check out, we recommend the following:

Garden of Vegan – Organic meal delivery service

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The Garden of Vegan has 100% organic plant-based whole food, delivered to your door. They only use organic, non-GMO, locally sourced ingredients. They spend time working with local farmers to make sure they only use the most nutrient-dense produce. Every one of their vegan meal delivery services has been designed to provide a complete essential amino acid profile and provide your body with all the protein it needs.

There is no meat, dairy or any animal products used in their meals. A whole food plant-based diet has been shown to be optimum for your health and wellbeing.

How Much does Garden of Vegan Cost?

  • Weekly Meal & Juicing Box
    • 5 days: Starts at $234.55
    • 7 days: Starts at $307.35
  • Weekly Meal & Fruit Box
    • 5 days: Starts at $244.55
    • 7 days: Starts at $317.35

Delivery Areas:

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Newcastle, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, Wollongong and other areas.

Examples of Meals:

Pad Thai Stirfry: A fresh Thai salad for summer lunch, packed full of nutrient-rich summer vegetables & clean organic high protein noodles, this flavourful salad ticks all the boxes.

Muscle Chef

My Muscle Chef provides meals for those striving to achieve health and fitness goals.  You choose the plan depending on your preferred outcome. These frozen meals are available at many supermarkets and gyms. Use the My Muscle Chef promo code below to make a great saving off your order.

$20 OFF
$20 OFF Your First Order
$20 OFF Your First Order


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In my opinion – Hello Fresh has the best choice of meals and is the most delicious meal delivery of all.

Whether you’re a vegetarian or an omnivore, cooking for two or feeding a whole hungry horde, HelloFresh has the right meal plan for you! Choose from classic, vegetarian or family-friendly recipes, then select how many meals you need and for how many people.

What’s it Like?

Really really delicious actually!  I tried it for about four weeks and although cooking took a little longer than usual (because it was a bit different from the extremely basic way I usually cook) – it was so yummy.  I still use the recipe cards now to make it at home – but it was convenient that there was no waste and I didn’t have to go shopping for a million different ingredients.

Where they deliver:

The delivery areas are changing and increasing all the time so check their website to have a look!

$90 OFF
Get $90 off your first four HelloFresh boxes!
Get $90 off your first four HelloFresh boxes!
Get $90 off your first four HelloFresh boxes! That’s $40 off your first box, $30...Show More
Get $90 off your first four HelloFresh boxes! That’s $40 off your first box, $30 off your second, and $10 off your 3rd and 4th! Show Less


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Soulara is a plant-based meal delivery service based in Australia that provides customers with nutritious, chef-prepared meals that are free from animal products.

What they offer:

  • Meal Plans: Soulara offers a variety of meal plans, including weight loss, wellness, and fitness plans. Each plan includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, as well as snacks and drinks.
  • Plant-Based Meals: All meals offered by Soulara are 100% plant-based and free from animal products. The meals are designed to be nutritious and balanced, with a focus on whole foods and natural ingredients.
  • Delivery: Soulara delivers its meals directly to customers’ doorsteps, making it convenient for customers to receive their meals without leaving their homes.


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EveryPlate is the lowest-priced meal kit in Australia.  It only offers thirteen tasty recipes every week (you get to choose from those thirteen), and is totally flexible with fresh, quality ingredients delivered weekly to your door.  Each recipe has 4 easy to follow step-by-step instruction that takes just under 30 minutes to cook.  You can choose the number of people you are feeding, and the number of meals required per week. 

They also offer the largest subscription servings so you can pick up to 6 meals each for up to 6 people.

Enjoy a total of $190 OFF throughout your first 6 boxes!


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Youfoodz is a pre-cooked meal delivery service with perfectly portioned meals that assist with weight-loss. The meals are freshly made, however as not a meal kit, you have to trade off that some of the meals won’t be as fresh, that would be impossible…but the good thing is you don’t need to cook and food quality is better than a frozen microwave meal from the supermarket.

The YouFoodz range is rather impressive, with around 47 meals in their ready-made meals range. Combined their “larger” meal range, and the range of snacks, fruit and vegetable boxes, there is decent selection to keep up the variety in your diet. It’s not all super boring too, the choc brownie bites look amazing!

Purchasing one-off meals, you are looking at around $9.95 a meal, however, buying a pack selection does get a bulk discount. YouFoodz In comparison to other meal kits when you weight up your time, shipping costs etc that prices come in on average about the same as others.

YouFoodz Deets:

  • Dietary Selections: Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free
  • Huge Range: 47 Meal Selections + a huge range of snacks, drinks, additions and larger portions.
  • Balanced Portions with Calorie and Macro Nutrient profiles, so you can count and manage your intake with MyFitnessPal or similar.
  • Freeze or Keep Fresh: Average shelf life of six to nine days in the fridge. Fish meals might be shorter.

Enjoy a total of $111 OFF throughout your first 5 boxes!


The Dinner Ladies

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The Dinner Ladies offers a convenient and healthy solution for busy individuals and families who want to enjoy home-cooked meals without the hassle of meal planning and preparation. The use of high-quality, fresh ingredients and the focus on customization make it an attractive option for those looking to eat healthily and enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals.

What they offer:

  • Desserts: The Dinner Ladies also offers a range of desserts, including cakes, biscuits, and puddings, that are freshly baked and made with high-quality ingredients.
  • Homestyle Cooking: The meals offered by The Dinner Ladies are made from scratch with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and are designed to be wholesome, comforting, and delicious.


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Equalution has an experienced team of nutritionists and dietitians who are able to provide you with delicious, personalized meal plans and 1:1 coaching, all via their easy-to-use app. They take the guesswork out of achieving sustainable results. 

Although they don’t supply the food as such, it works like an online dietician with weekly check-ins to keep you on track.

More and more mums are turning to subscription meal services not just as a solution to mealtime chaos but to ensure that the family is well-fed with nutritious meals.

This also creates a domino effect of positive outcomes – from strengthened bonds to shared moments of joy and laughter.

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As I already said, subscription meal services have been an unexpected lifeline in my marriage, transforming the way my husband and I approach mealtime and, in turn, strengthening our bond.

Before discovering these services, the daily struggle of meal planning and preparation often led to tension and frustration between us!

Fights would go on for days or weeks and I wouldn’t even remember how it started exactly, but for sure it was triggered because we were tired and hungry and there’s so much cleaning up after meals to do!

With the convenience and simplicity that subscription meal services offer, we’ve been able to reclaim precious time that was once spent arguing over what to cook or rushing to the grocery store. Instead, we now enjoy peaceful evenings together, savouring delicious meals without the stress.

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It sounds incredibly dramatic, I know – but subscription meal services have truly been a saving grace for our marriage, bringing me and my husband closer.

So, here’s to more time spent with loved ones, to rediscovering the joy of eating as a family, and to a household that thrives on the simplicity and practicality brought by subscription meal services.

After all, a well-fed family is a happy family. Nowhere is it set in stone that I always have to cook!

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