How to Make Homemade Carpet Deodoriser

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How to Make Homemade Carpet Deodoriser

How to Make Homemade Carpet Deodoriser

I love the smell of fresh carpets, especially as I have kids and animals that spill drinks and drop hair everywhere.  The small no-name bottles of carpet deodoriser actually aren’t that expensive – but it is even cheaper to make homemade carpet deodoriser yourself!

This recipe will do the average 4m x 4m room:

  • 1 cup bicarbonate of soda (sifted well)
  • 10 drops of lavender or eucalyptus essential oils

Now it is very important to sift the bicarb first.  Bicarb can be very lumpy straight from the box and it won’t mix properly if not sifted – you will just get clumps of bicarb on your carpet.  Place the bicarb into a container that can be sealed well.  Add the essential oil, seal and give it a really good shake – for about a minute.

Sprinkle the mixture evenly over the carpet.  Leave for at least 20 minutes (an hour would be great).  Bicarb is fabulous for absorbing smells.  Then vacuum well.  Repeat as often as required.

Any powder not used can be stored in the container for later use.

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