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Fifteen Uses For Old Stockings

Stockings are great for covering up your pins, but what happens when they become a little saggy with one too many ladders or holes? In true SAHM style, you reuse them of course!

Fifteen Uses For Old Stockings | Stay at Home MumVegie hangers for Onions and Garlic

Stuff one into the leg of a stocking and tie it in with a knot either side, repeat and hang in a cool dry spot like the pantry. Simply cut the stocking when you want to take one out and the others remain safe and secure in their knotted off space. This is great for air flow so they will keep longer and not rot!

Elastic Bands/ Hair bands.

Salvage what you can of a laddered stocking and cut strips across the stocking to use as elastic bands, non rubber or hair bands. They’re REALLY good for your hair, are gentle but firm and wont snag or damage your hair.

Big Rubber Band!

Remove the waist band and us it as a huge rubber band to hold your garbage bin liner in place. It’s quick, easy and super effective! Just wrap one of these around and under the lip of the bin and the bag/liner won’t fall inside!  This works well for holding cat litter tray liners in place too!

Fisherman’s Friend

Cut into 2 inch sections to use for soft baits when fishing. It will stop the bait from falling and the fish can’t take off with the bait! Place a piece of bait in the square and twist it up around the bait. Run the hook through the pantyhose and you’re good to go!

Dust Filter

If you are like us and have your dryer in your garage or in a cupboard type laundry attach an old stocking to the dryer hose and it will stop the room from filling with dust. Remember to check it after every couple of loads though. You don’t want to block the hose off with lint.

Sewing or Craft.

Stockings make fantastic and soft stuffing for dolls and pillows. If there are parts of the stocking that still looks new you can use them to cover foam balls to give the effect of skin for a face or simply stuff with polyfill to make cute little faces that way! Soft and Washable!

Gardening Stakes

Cut strips across the stocking starting at the toe seam so you have circles. Snip the circle to look like a strip and use it to tie plants to garden stakes or fencing. You can reuse the strips year after year. They are strong yet gentle, blend in well and will grow with the vegies. Also put them over vegetables/ fruit like Zucchini, Melons, cabbage, cauliflower and squash/pumpkin while they are still growing to protect against pest damage without using chemicals!

Wrapping Paper Storage.

Cut the waist off the top and put a roll of gift wrap in each leg. This will protect the gift wrap from creases and tears when stored. Storing them in stocking means that you can even hang them in the wardrobe! It saves shelf space and makes it easy to see exactly what you have.

Mold and Mildew Absorbers

Make little “bags” out of the stockings by tying it in a knot, now part fill with some Crystal Kitty litter and tie the stocking again to hold it all in. Place them in with shoes, Bags, suitcases or in the back of the wardrobe. They will absorb the moisture thus reducing mold and mildew!

Vacuum Attachment

Using the leg of the stocking cut a length off (including the toe) and place over the nozzle of the vacuum. It’s FANTASTIC for finding earing backs and small items that would otherwise be hard to locate or get sucked into the bag/barrel. Also this makes for an incredibly easy glitter clean up! If your stocking is unusable in the toe, just use whatever part you can and attach with a rubber band. Vacuum up the glitter and carefully remove the stocking from the nozzle, turn it out into a bowl to easily handle and place in the original shaker or tube.

Apply Stains and Varnishes.

You can use them to apply stains to furniture and or polish shoes to an easy brilliant shine!

Scented Bath Bags.

Make little bags from some of the stocking. Stitch into a ‘pocket’ and turn inside out so as the seam is on the inside. Now fill it with anything you like! Things like dried Lavender and other herbs (like cinnamon or vanilla),dried lemon or orange peels. Leave a little space,turn the ends in and stitch shut. Pop one in the bath for an amazing soak! The citrus releases some of their oils into the warm water. And lavender will help with relaxation. If you have rashed  skin add some oats to a stocking and hang over the tap whilst the bath is filling. It keeps the ‘floaties’ out and infuses the bath with wonderful soothing benefits from oats.

Bird Feeders.

For  finches fill a stocking with their seed and hang it from a cage roof or high perch. No need to worry about any ladders,the birds will use them and peck through the holes!

Pool Filter

Put stockings over the pool scooper. It’s amazing how much extra dirt it picks up as the small bits and pieces can no longer float through.

Back washer.

Using the leg of a stocking, tie a bar of soap into the centre. Now when you’re in the shower you can easily and comfortably wash your own back with your nifty new self-soaping back washer! Hang it up once you’re done and the soap will dry out well due to the added air flow of the stocking!

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