9 Ways To Upcycle Coffee Grounds Around the Home

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9 Ways To Upcycle Coffee Grounds Around the Home

There is one good reason why coffee is the best thing on the planet.

The joy it brings begins at brewing time and continues even after the coffee grounds have been used.

Aside from the known uses of coffee in the kitchen, there are other unique ways that coffee grounds can be upcycled!. You would be surprised to know that besides reaping the benefits of drinking coffee, it can be used as an ingredient for homemade beauty products, is a deodorizer and even can keep cats out of the garden!. The best thing about it is you get to save a lot of money, and you don’t have to step out of your home to enjoy a beauty treatment!

1. Use Coffee Grounds for Glossy Hair

The hair is often treated with chemicals and using a coffee hair mask is a natural, safe, convenient and a cost-effective way to keep the hair smooth. Simply mix used coffee grounds with some filtered water and apply it to your locks.  Wrap in a warm towel for 30 minutes, then wash them out.  Your hair will be beautifully shiny!

2. Coffee Ground Skin Exfoliator

The coffee grounds make for a gentle and effective exfoliator that will not scratch the skin. It can be used everyday to replace your usual facial scrub. Don’t forget to mix olive oil and essential oils to add to the moisturising effect of the coffee scrub. Those coffee scrubs that come with a hefty price tag have basically the same ingredients.

Coffee Ground Skin Exfoliator | Stay at Home Mum

3. Eliminate Pet Odours with Coffee Grounds

Coffee is one of the best known stink eliminators! With all the known harmful effects of cleaning agents and deodorisers, it would be great to keep some coffee grounds to absorb pet odours. It’s safe for the family and the pets and keeps the home chemical-free, too.

To use coffee grounds, drain them well so they are damp but not wet.  Pile onto to area that smells.  Allow the coffee grounds to sit there for 24 hours, then brush off and vacuum.  The smell should be gone!

4. Coffee Grounds Insect Repellent

Insects are difficult to control, and what most repellants can’t do, coffee can do perfectly. The acidity of coffee will help keep flies, mosquitoes, ants and other insects away. Sprinkle coffee grounds on your garden or place them in jars around the kitchen.

Not only does it keep away flies and bugs, it eliminates any house smells too!

5. Use Coffee Grounds to Help with Cellulite

Bummed about your cellulite? Look we all have it!  We found a great video that shows how coffee can be used to reduce cellulite on your body. It is so easy to make and use. Going to a salon to get the same treatment will cost you a lot of money. This one can be done in a few minutes and women who have tried it say they love how their skin feels smooth after using the homemade treatment.

Now you don’t have to spend lots of money to get beauty products — simply use your coffee!

6.  Keep Kitty Cats Out of the Garden

If your cat (or any other cat) keep soiling themselves in your garden, there is something you can do about it!  Mix together your used coffee grounds with orange peels and sprinkle the mixture in the garden where you are having the problem.  See – cat’s hate the smell and it will keep them away.

7.  Use Coffee Grounds to Make the Freezer Smell Pretty

If your freezer has bad breath, especially after you have had a power outage and it literally smells like someone died in there – than it is coffee grounds to the rescue!  Wipe out the freezer with warm soap and water first, then place coffee grounds on a plate and pop them in the freezer overnight.  The coffee grounds will absorb all those nasty odours!

8.  Coffee Grounds Are a Natural Plant Fertilizer

Rather than placing coffee grounds in the bin where they will add to land fill and kill the environment forever, sprinkle them in the garden!  They are a fantastic natural fertilizer that will cost you nothing.  The coffee grounds will break down naturally.  Plus they keep bugs away from your plants!

9.  Use Coffee Grounds as a Natural Seed Raiser

If you have a vegetable garden, coffee grounds are a fantastic seed raising mix.  Mix one tablespoon of used coffee grounds with garden soil and place your seedlings in the mix – they will thrive!

How to Transplant Seedlings

How have you been using your coffee grounds at home?

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