12 Basic Kitchen Equipment for Beginners

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12 Basic Kitchen Equipment for Beginners

We already know the importance of stocking our pantry with good, basic staples.

But what about our kitchen? It’s so easy to just go out and spend thousands and thousands of dollars on kitchen equipment that doesn’t really help or you’re not sure how to use it. You only really need the basics to get going and as you become a better cook then it’s time to maybe incorporate more of the fancier items

An appliance gathering dust in your cupboard is not helping your hip pocket or your quality of cooking! Plus they take up a lot of room. Think of appliances like your clothes, if you haven’t used them in a year, get rid of them. Sell them on eBay or have a garage sale, a few bucks back towards something more worthwhile is much better!

Keeping it simple is the key. If you know someone moving out of home for the first time some of these items would make tremendous gifts:

1. Mixing Bowls

2. Tea Towels

3. Frypan with Lid

4. Knife and Chopping Board


5. Cheese Grater

  • An oven tray with shallow sides (for biscuits etc)
  • A baking tray with higher sides (ie roasting pan)
  • Muffin or cupcake tray

6. Oven Tray

  • A pie dish either glass or ceramic

7. Measuring Cup

  • A simple standard round cake tin

8. Toaster

If you can’t afford the more expensive ovens, you can opt to use an oven toaster first. There are so many things you can do with it such as toasting nuts, baking small cookies and cakes, roasting small batches of meat, baking potatoes or simply melting cheese.

9. Kettle

Aside from heating water, many people have found other uses for kettle such as cooking hard-boiled eggs with it.

12 Basic Kitchen Equipment for Beginners | Stay At Home Mum

10. Microwave Oven

Who doesn’t love having their own microwave oven that can do wonders in our foods in minutes?

11. Electric beaters

Be it a beginner or an expert, electric beaters are by far the best basic kitchen equipment one could ever have.

12. A food processor (not essential, but very handy!)

If you want things easy — chopping, grinding, and blending to bits — this one is for you.

So, there you have it! Setting up a basic kitchen means you will have everything on hand for most cooking and baking recipes.

What was the first piece of kitchen equipment you bought for yourself? Or was it bought for you?

12 Basic Kitchen Equipment for Beginners

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