Playgroup Friendly Kids Snacks

Playgroup Friendly Kids Snacks

Every Friday morning, without fail, my group of mummy friends and our soccer team of kids get together for a couple of hours of socializing outside of the house where we can talk about our week and our kids can run around like crazy ferals. The venue varies from the park, to the beach, to the creek, to one of our houses, but the time and the plan never changes. We meet at 9:30 am and we always bring a sharable snack for the kids (and adults). And…. someone always has to bring cake.

Two kids eating healthy food isolated on whiteCake is not optional.

This has been going on for a few years now and it is something both my kids and I look forward to at the end of the week. One of my friends will bring a platter of fruit; one will bring a beautiful slice, tart or cake made from scratch (she is our “I wish she was my mum” mum), one will bring a platter of vegies and one will bring a savoury dish or sandwiches.

And then there’s me.

Me, who at 9:23 am is still half-naked running around the house with a toothbrush hanging out of my mouth, trying to locate the kid’s freaking swimmers.

Me, who, at 9:24 am is slamming the cupboards open and shut looking for something decent to throw in a container and bring, all the while screaming at the kids to get their butts into the car.

Me, who, at 9:25 am, has managed to locate the swimmers and my shirt, and has made a mad dash for Coles to buy something last minute that half resembles something home made.

Me, who always arrives late, always forgets something (thankfully I haven’t forgotten one of the kids…yet) and is always in shambles.

Okay, so I am not the most organised person in the group, or the most punctual, but it’s been like this for years. And it’s a shame to change things now. Everyone loves routine.

Happy children eating together in natureKid Snacks on the Go

So I thought I would share some of my go-to playgroup friendly kids snacks with all the other mums and dads out there that can’t seem to get organised enough to bake from scratch, or cut up fruit and put them in a container (seriously, am I the most disorganised mum in the world or what?). Oh, and before I begin, I’ll just point out that this post is sponsored by Coles, but all of these snacks are tried, tested and bought frequently by me.

If you are on the hunt for additional  kids snacks ideas we have plenty of allergy friendly and healthy options as well.

Cheese, Crackers and Dip

Yes. I know I should spend two minutes before going to playgroup to actually take the crackers out of the box, cut up the cheese and place it all neatly in a container. But, in my defense, most of the time the crackers in my pantry are already half eaten. So, instead, on my way to playgroup, I buy a packet of crackers (usually Jatz or whatever is on special), a Coles Brand Tasty Cheese Block and a container of dip. My favourite is Cheese and Chives. The Coles Brand Tasty Cheese Block is the perfect size to feed our troop of hungry kids and everyone loves the bold flavour of it.  I keep a knife and a container in my bag and cut up the items once I arrive. The kids love this snack as it’s filling yet simple and, if the kids don’t like the dip I have selected, then it just means more for the mums. Double win.

Snow Peas

This one is so easy and healthy (guilt-free – score!). Simply go to the fresh produce section and fill a bag with snow peas. My kids are obsessed with crunchy fresh snow peas (and I don’t even have to bribe them).  They are great with dips and as part of salads as well but my kids and most of the kids at our playgroup are happy to munch on them without anything else.

Strawberries and Choc Brownie Ice Cream

When strawberries are in season I will pick up a punnet of berries and a carton of Coles Brand Choc Brownie Ice Cream. This is one of the most indulgent ice creams I’ve had – it’s seriously so divine! But I always feel a little guilty being the mum at playgroup who gives the already-hopped-up-kids more sugar. So…. I place a cup of strawberries ON TOP of the ice cream. The kids have to eat at least some of the fruit to get to the good stuff. With this treat, however, I try to serve it right away, especially when we are meeting at the creek, beach or park where a freezer isn’t handy.

Children eating on the rural bench.Coles Bakery Chocolate Mud Cake

On the days when our Cake-Making Mum is not available (she had a baby a couple weeks back and we gave her that Friday off to push the baby out), I usually stop off at Coles and grab this cake. Best. Mud. Cake. Ever. I mean, okay, so maybe it’s not as amazing as a home made from scratch cake, but it’s about 100 times better than I could ever make and much cheaper than if I were to buy all the ingredients and attempt to make it.

Coles Banana Bread

Here is another great one when you are meeting at a park or somewhere where you don’t have access to a fridge or freezer. Coles Brand Banana Bread is so moist and delicious on it’s own, it really doesn’t need icing or butter. Simple cut them into squares and serve. I will confess that I actually sometimes buy this one when my in-laws are coming over for coffee, cut it up beforehand and put it on a nice platter and claim it as my own. Yah, I know. Daughter-in-Law of the Year Award goes to me.

Mixed Berry Smoothies

This one is only reserved for when playgroup is at one of our houses. I grab a tub of vanilla yoghurt, a case of Coles Frozen Mixed Berries from the freezer section and a 2 litre bottle of milk. Then, once I arrive at my friend’s place, I borrow her blender, add the ingredients and viola, I am “the coolest mum ever” who managed to pull smoothies out of my hat like a magician.

Coles have a number of other easy and delicious playgroup friendly kids snacks to consider like their Coles Jam Daisies and Raspberry Tarts. The great thing about buying Coles Brand is that you are not only saving money, but also providing your kids with a snack that doesn’t contain any artificial colours or added MSG.  I also love how, even though it’s made in store, many of the items look and taste home made.

Because, let’s be honest, sometimes you just can’t be bothered to bake.Coles Post (2)

Want to win $150 to spend at Coles? Simply tell us in the comments, “What is Your Go To Snack When Out With the Kids?” Winner will be selected 7 June 2014

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