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Well, there is a big difference between not being able to accomplish certain things because you are distracted by a crying baby and not being able to accomplish certain things because you cannot keep focused on the task at hand. The former is usually uncontrollable while the latter is. Procrastination affects everyone’s lives, whether directly or indirectly. If you are a sufferer of procrastination, then you need to stop and re-examine your life. Whether it’s fear, laziness or just plain habit, procrastination affects people for different reasons.

For most people, there are simply not enough hours in the day.

If it seems like you are going to bed every night with a pile of work not accomplished, or you are forced to pull all-nighters to complete a task, then you are in some need of a serious time management help. Luckily, outlined below are the ultimate seven tips to time management and preventing the dreaded procrastination. So stop stressing and spending half of your time wide awake worried about all the various things that need to be done and practice effective time management.

End Procrastination Today

1. Allocate your day.


Split it up by task rather than by hour and always allow for break time and unplanned events. If you have children, then always allow for more time than usual to make up for any unexpected spills, poo explosions and meltdowns in the supermarket.

2. Do not pile too many activities in one day.


Instead, plan them out for the entire week. On Sunday night, make a detailed schedule of all activities that need to be done, always starting with the most important. The ones that simply cannot fit will be the less important ones which will cause you less stress and duress if they do not get done.

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