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Ten Uses For Ice-cream Containers | Stay At Home Mum

10 Uses For Empty Ice-cream Containers

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10 Uses For Empty Ice-cream Containers

Ten Uses For Ice Cream Containers

10 Uses for Empty Ice-Cream Containers

After the fun of eating the ice cream is over, these containers are among the most versatile to reuse and recycle!

Toy Storage

Keep the kids Lego or Hot Wheels cars up off the bedroom floor and away from your feet (ouch!) by giving the kids a large ice cream container to store them in. It keeps the it all together, it has a lid and is stackable.

Craft Storage

Craft bits and pieces, ribbons, buttons, scrap bits of fabric, string, paint tubes etc. can all be stored tidily and using minimal space by placing them into empty ice cream containers.

They also make for fantastic sewing boxes!

Storing Play Dough

If you want to you can even make your own play dough and add it into the container to look like Neapolitan ice-cream and the kids can pretend to own a café and serve pretend ice creams. Just make sure they are old enough to know not to eat it!

Cleaning Caddy

Fill with handy cleaning items and use it as a caddy to take it all from room to room cleaning as you go!

Drawer or cupboard tidy

Label the outside of the container then use as many as you would like to create an effective storage area for herbs, spices, packages etc and tells you exactly where everything is.

Pet Food Storage

We use ice cream containers to store dog treats, guinea pig feed and all of the pets grooming and worming etc. supplies. It gets the flimsy or bulky packaging out of the way and keeps things nice and tidy.

Special Occasions

Cover the outside with some pretty paper or fabric and decorate it, add a handle and use it for an Easter Basket. Perfect for the egg hunt!

Herb Gardens

Convert one into a bench top herb garden! Fresh home grown herbs right there when you need them and greenery always looks good in a home!

Kids Play Time Ideas

Make a pretend mail box for a children’s cubby. Cut a ‘mail’ slot into the lid and write the cubby house number or name or “MAIL” onto the lid. Mount the side of the container onto the cubby and replace the lid. Attach string across the base and make a helmet for any number of sports stars or superheros. Hours and hours of fun for the kids!

Fill with homemade ice cream!

 Hints and Tips

  • Always ensure the containers are free of any dairy residue and bacteria. Wash well before use
  • If you wish to paint them, use an acrylic paint (a spray can is easiest) but give the surface a quick light sand before painting, just enough to take the shine off and rough it up a little so as the paint can stick. Alternatively, use a primer paint or undercoat first.

top ten uses for ice cream containers

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