20 Disgusting Things I Didn’t Know Before I Was A Parent

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20 Disgusting Things I Didn’t Know Before I Was A Parent

Who thought parenting was a breeze? I did…and perhaps you, too. Well, WRONG!

But that is just one part of the question.

The other one (the more totally unexpected one) is… did you ever think that you, for the life of you, will have to sniff other person’s butt??? or catch spew and poo??? Ugh! But now that you’re a parent, you just have to do it (although you find it weird that you do it instinctively)… and I have to agree with you, that yes…been there, done that!

20 Disgusting Things I Didn't Know Before I Was A Parent

Before we were parents, we thought babies would complete our family, how their smiles and laughs could bring joy to our lives, and how happiness could mean loving and hating them at the same time. All true! Sounds great huh?

But, now, we realised, we were never taught how spew and poo define our very existence as parents!

Anyway, if you’re just like me, don’t worry, there are others who are just like us who knew the disgusting (and funny) side of parenting. We asked our SAHM followers about what they didn’t know before they were parents…and their answers were soooo true! Here are some of them:

1. “That I would have to catch vomit in my hands.” — Katherine Schiffmann

2. That vomit wouldn’t faze me as much as sharing my drink with a toddler that’s still eating.” — Janelle Baker

3. That someone could spew on you and you actually don’t care.” — Kimberley Bunter

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4. There could be that much poo n vomit come out of a little thing.” — Paula Farrer 

5. “I would deliberately try and catch someones spew…or poo 1f610 | Stay at Home “ — Nicki Walsh

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