10 YouTubers that are Appropriate for Kids to Watch

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10 YouTubers that are Appropriate for Kids to Watch

If you have a child aged seven or over, you are probably finding that they are obsessed with YouTube.

Well, my two boys are no different – and although I don’t sit down and watch it with them, I do overhear what they say as I stroll past the lounge room. And if I’m hearing swearing, I’m turning it off.

10 YouTubers that are Appropriate for Kids to Watch | Stay At Home Mum

My boys are well-versed with swear words, but I seriously don’t need to hear it said over and over again on a YouTube channel.

Not all YouTubers are created alike.

Some are just plain TERRIBLE – but there are some out there that are simply fabulous, some that even make me sit down and watch for a few minutes and perhaps make me smile. These are my personal favourites that I highly recommend!

1. DanTDM

Ohhhhh Dan is such a cutie pie. The British YouTuber who is obsessed with pugs, is always respectful, never swears and has an enormous following. I swear I have seen every episode of his YouTube channel. He’s a good one for kids of all ages!

His YouTube channel was previously named “The Diamond Minecart”, but he changed it to “DanTDM” two years ago. His original videos were mostly about the game Minecraft and target children aged 5 to 10 years old and above. However, he has been making videos about other games recently.

Best of all, Dan does tours!

Why Parents Will Love DanTDM:

Dan is so damn likeable. He is just a gaming nerd who loves what he does. I’m fond of Dan!

Nate: I like DanTDM because he has funny videos that keep you watching them for hours.

Flynn: I like DanTDM because he is a kid-friendly YouTuber that’s funny and plays a lot of games.

Lunala: He used to be good with his Minecraft mod videos but ever since he started playing Roblox, he isn’t as good as he was.

Check out his channel here!

DanTDM | Stay At Home Mum

2. Dude Perfect

Have you seen those amazing people that can throw a basketball off a cliff and still land it in the ring? Well, that was done by the Dude Perfect guys. A group of young fellas making tremendous trick shots that will baffle and amaze you (and make you wonder how the hell they did it!). They are just incredible and great role models for kids.

Why Parents Will Love Dude Perfect:

Because these boys are just so damn talented! They aren’t just on YouTube chatting about crap – they are out doing awesome things. They are really lovely boys that you would want your kids to grow up to be like – and that’s why I like them so much!

Nate: I like Dude Perfect because they are amazing and funny.

Flynn: They are totally amazing!

Check out their channel here!

Dude Perfect | Stay At Home Mum

3. Matthias

Matthias does product reviews of crazy stuff he buys off Amazon on his channel Dope or Nope. With his co-hosts, Michael and Tanner, they judge the products in a very funny way. His most recent viral product review was ‘I Bought The First 10 Products Instagram Told Me To’ last December.

Aside from Dope or Nope, he has other 6 accounts, which are Get Good Gaming, Team Edge, Fail Time, REKT, Matthias Vlogs, and Matt and Amanda.

Why Parents Will Love Matthias:

No swearing, he loves his wife and daughter (and they feature quite often), and he is extremely charismatic!

Nate: I like Matthias because he opens up things and it’s satisfying.

Flynn: I like the funny stuff that can be bought on Amazon.

Check out his channel here!

Matthias | Stay At Home Mum

4. Daily Dose of Internet

Daily Dose of Internet shares videos that are educational, funny and satisfying. The host basically just searches for forgotten videos and shares them. One thing that sets Daily Dose of Internet from everyone is that he hides his face and narrates with only his voice. That’s why everyone was really thrilled and made various reactions when the host revealed his face last year!

Nate: I like Daily Dose of Internet because he fills his videos with funny  and amazing things.

Check out his channel here!

Daily Dose of Internet | Stay At Home Mum

5. TechRax

Oh! I love TechRax!

His crazy experiments testing expensive phones to the limits are really, really mind-blowing. Like, who would not want to see the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy gadgets getting experimented on?? One of his latest tests are dropping the latest iPhone XS into a Nuclear Plant Hole and even placing the phone on an induction coil!

He also has other experiments that are not just phones. He also loves destroying things that are very expensive, most of which are Apple products! Recently, his most watched video was him taking a bath in 1500 gallons of Coca-Cola and the video had up to 71 million views!

TechRax is for everyone, and definitely child friendly! According to Wilman of TurboFuture, it teaches a child how to handle their phones. TechRax is also very educational. The overall experiment touches subjects on science and technology, especially physics and chemistry!

Check out his channel here!

TechRax | Stay At Home Mum

6. The Fine Bros (FBE)

There are a lot of reaction videos on YouTube but not as good as FBE.

They capture reactions from kids to grandparents, and even famous YouTubers and celebrities! Some of their famous video topics range from trends, challenges, and many more. I’ve watched their recent viral video on ‘College Kids React To World Record Egg Vs. Kylie Jenner (Most Liked Post on Instagram)’ and it was absolutely hilarious! Who would really believe that a simple egg was more liked than Kylie? Unbelievable but true!

The channel is hosted by Rafi and Benny with 18 million subscribers. All the topics are kid-friendly but not all the content is so you need to supervise your kids with this one. Some videos have a disclaimer and offensive language is censored, which makes it safer for the children to watch.

Check out their channel here!

The Fine Bros (FBE) | Stay At Home Mum

7. EvanTubeHD

One of my and my boys’ fave videos is with Evan and his sister, Jillian, doing the crawl slime challenge. Their expressions are priceless! Look at all that cuteness!

Evan’s first video was a stop-motion Angry Birds sequence in 2011. Since then, he has grown into one of the most popular kid YouTubers by making toy reviews or unboxing, skits, and child-friendly challenges.

He is a teenager now, but he still uploads videos that both kids and parents love. This channel is definitely recommended to kids since the content is definitely suitable for children!

Check out his channel here!

EvanTubeHD | Stay At Home Mum

8. Good Mythical Morning

Have you seen Rhett and Link’s show The Good Mythical Morning? It’s so funny!

Aside from their pranks and games, they also answer absurd questions! Their video ‘Parenting 101′ is a particular fave of mine. Some of the humour and language might go above kids’ heads but it’s not too bad for slightly older kids.

Robellyro wrote a parent review in Common Sense Media:

I have watched this YouTube show several times with and without my children. While my 8-year-old has seen it (with me), there have been a few moments that I felt were not appropriate for him. These were mostly for suggestive remarks or language. For the most part, these two guys are joking around and being funny around a theme for the day.

Check out their channel here!

Good Mythical Morning | Stay At Home Mum

9. The Brain Scoop

Hosted by Emily Graslie, this educational YouTube channel first started in 2013 to share ‘The Field Museum Work’.

Today, The Brain Scoop teaches a lot of topics from archaeology, history, biology and many more! She also shows some work in the lab, like the process of animal dissection and tips to how to pin an insect! The content can sometimes be a bit too technical, but Emily’s explanations and approach make it easy to understand for kids.

The Brain Scoop has also collaborated with BBC in a video ‘BBC Unplugged’. This channel is definitely child-friendly and is especially good for those kids and adults who aspire to be a biologist, a doctor or any related field!

Check out her channel here!

The Brain Scoop | Stay At Home Mum

10. Liza Koshy

Liza’s vines are hilarious! Her timing and facial expressions are what make her videos more popular than the other vines around. Sometimes, she makes videos of her in the shopping mall, in the street, and sometimes, too, with her boyfriend David.

Her channel is probably better for over 10 as some concepts are too mature for younger viewers.

“She doesn’t curse, which is wonderful, and she is very inspirational. I think as long as you keep them from the very inappropriate videos ( there’s not a lot), I think children 3 years and up can watch.” – A parent of a 3-year-old (from Common Sense Media Parent Review)

Check out her channel here!

Liza Koshy | Stay At Home Mum

Which one is your pick among these YouTubers that are appropriate for kids?

10 YouTubers that are Appropriate for Kids to Watch Pinnable

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