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Australia’s Capital Territory might get left off the list when it comes to must-visits for Australia, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t full of family-friendly attractions.

In fact we’ve collected 10 of the top attractions in the ACT that we think families of all sizes, and ages, are sure to enjoy.


10. National Museum of Australia

National Museum of Australia

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The National Museum of Australia is a wonderful place for families to spend a day learning and playing. The Museum is known for Kspace, and interactive adventure game for kids where they can do everything from building a time-travelling robot to exploring Australia’s past. The Museum also offers a wide range of school holiday activities, as well as some really interesting general exhibits.

9. Royal Australian Mint

10 Family-Friendly Attractions In ACT | Stay At Home Mum

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Almost anyone can enjoy a trip to the Royal Australian Mint. The Mint provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see how Australia’s money is made. It’s a free attraction that offers public and self-guided tours, with lots to see and quite a bit to do. There’s lots of dun insights into the world of money, how it’s made, and the history of money in Australia.


8. National Dinosaur Museum

National Dinosaur Museum

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Known for being one of the largest permanent displays of dinosaur and prehistoric fossils in Australia, the National Dinosaur Museum is a must-see for dinosaur fanatics of all ages. Visitors will learn how dinosaurs evolved and interacted as they’re surrounded by skulls, skeletons, models and displays unlike anything you’ve ever seen. There’s even robotic dinosaurs that move, roar, blink the breathe!

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